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5 Best Stories on Real Money: Cramer on Shopping, Fisker, Generational Wealth

Must-reads from Jim Cramer, Paul Price, Bob Lang and the Real Money/Real Money Pro team make sense of the market's big moves.
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Americans got their first Covid-19 shots this week, and more vaccine doses are likely on the way. But the pandemic will boil over for some time, and many habits have already been set -- such as how we shop.

Many states are also imposing new lockdowns that will bring more pain to restaurant businesses and others. 

How should investors position themselves amid this time of hope and peril? 

Helping guide us are Real Money and Real Money Pro experts Jim Cramer, Paul Price, Timothy Collins, Bob Lang and Helene Meisler.

Jim Cramer: Shopping's Changed ... for Good

Direct-to-consumer is the name of the game as we realize we don't really need to go to the mall or store if we don't want to, says Cramer, noting the major shift in consumer habits during the pandemic.

Here's who Cramer says will benefit most.

Meisler: Sentiment, Explained

Real Money technical expert Helene Meisler explains how to view sentiment -- whether you're a trader or not -- using an example of waiting to buy a sweater until it goes on sale. (The sweater looks good on sale, but do stocks?)

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Lang: Be Contrarian -- When the Time is Right

Here's why that old trading axiom of switching sides of the boat before it tips still holds truth, says Bob Lang, who explains that sometimes when panic and fear levels are elevated, it's time to step in and do some buying.

Lang shows how be contrarian and how the Volatility Index can help

Price: Yes, Your Folks Are Richer Than You

Life isn't fair, but there's a way to level the playing field and make the most of what you have, says Real Money Pro columnist Paul Price, as he explains why older generations have been able to accumulate more wealth than younger ones. 

Price explains the logic of generational wealth.

Collins: I See a Door Opening to Get Into Fisker

A standard filing has led to an investing opportunity in this electric vehicle name, says Tim Collins, who says he sees an opportunity to buy into the stock coming once the dust settles. 

Here's how Collins advises approaching the name.

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