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Mozilla Lays Off 250 Staffers, About 25% of Workforce

'We know we need to go beyond the browser to give people new products,' says Mozilla CEO Mitchell Baker.

Mozilla, the open-source software platform, announced Tuesday that it’s laying off 250 employees, or about 25% of its total workforce.

The company, which is owned by the not-for-profit Mozilla Foundation, needs change, said CEO Mitchell Baker.

“We know we need to go beyond the browser to give people new products and technologies that both excite them and represent their interests,” he said in a statement on Mozilla’s web site. “Over the last while, it has been clear that Mozilla is not structured properly to create these new things.”

So Baker announced a “significant restructuring” of the company. 

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“This will strengthen our ability to build and invest in products and services that will give people alternatives to conventional big tech,” he said.

“Sadly, the changes also include a significant reduction in our workforce by approximately 250 people. These are individuals of exceptional professional and personal caliber who have made outstanding contributions to who we are today.”

Economic weakness stemming from the coronavirus has cut Mozilla’s revenue, Baker said.

“So going forward we will be smaller. We’ll also be organizing ourselves very differently, acting more quickly and nimbly,” he said.

“We’ll experiment more. We’ll adjust more quickly. We’ll join with allies outside of our organization more often and more effectively. We’ll meet people where they are. We’ll become great at expressing and building our core values into products and programs that speak to today’s issues. We’ll join and build with all those who seek openness, decency, empowerment and common good in online life.”