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Mountain Dew Wants You to Drink Pain

MTN DEW wants you to vlog about it, too.

While you may just be thinking of cola when you pick up a Pepsi  (PEP) - Get Free Report, it's far from all that the soda company has to offer. 

Few general consumers, as an example, know that the Starbucks  (SBUX) - Get Free Report bottled Frappuccino is actually a Pepsi-owned product, or that Cheetos and Fritos are also in that same stable.

Each of those products has its own devoted fanbase, of course, and Mountain Dew (or MTN DEW, as it prefers to call itself) is no exception. 

PepsiCo tends to promote soda as a drink that breaks rules in hopes of attracting a customer that likes a fun, punk rock sort of approach. It chose to align itself with gamers in 2007 with its Game Fuel product line, which is packed with caffeine and theanine and still popular today.

Since this has been a success for the company, it continues to innovate in similar directions. And last year, it started testing something new that went over so well that it's now decided it's time to release it on a much bigger scale.

What is This Crazy Mountain Dew Concoction?

PepsiCo launched a Mountain Dew flavor called Flamin' Hot in limited release back in 2021. The citrus-flavored soda soon popped up in YouTube videos, and it was truly the stuffer vlogger dreams are made of.

Despite drawing mixed reviews from some, the soda was apparently successful enough in limited release to get promoted. And now, PepsiCo plans to celebrate the full scale launch by having a free party in Hell, Michigan on April 30 and telling its fans "We want to see you in hell."

Hosted by DJ Pauly D and catered by Action Bronson, the party sounds like even more social media content fodder than the drink itself. Naturally, MTN DEW also made a Spotify playlist called "Road (Trip) To Hell" for those who plan to drive to the event.

How This Benefits PepsiCo

It's clear that PepsiCo is aiming for a millennial audience with this promotion and its MTN DEW branding in general, and that so far, it's working well. Its stock has been on a steady growth pattern since last year, and while that's partially due to the success of all the other brands it owns, it can clearly afford to have fun with ideas like this one.

PepsiCo is also willing to be creative and try a lot of different ideas, as evidenced by many of its past Mountain Dew releases that were eventually discontinued. Fans in the Twitter comments of the Flamin' Hot begged for some to be brought back, notably  Pitch Black, a black grape flavor that was discontinued in 2020.

It's best not to get too comfortable with the liquid equivalent of Hot Cheetos, however. The official Mountain Dew Twitter account clarified to one excited fan that while the new flavor can be found nationwide, it will not be restocked after it sells out. So if you can't get enough of swallowing fire, clear out a section of your basement and start stockpiling the rations.