Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Pick the Best Stocks to Buy

Jim Cramer shares stock market news including how to pick stocks that will go higher, Ford unveils the new Bronco, and Peacock joins streaming wars.

The Dow ended the day up 550 points as positive bank earnings from JPMorgan and Citigroup gave investors the confidence they needed to make an afternoon charge for stocks. Nvidia and Boeing were also some of the top stock gainers Tuesday.

On Mad Money, Jim Cramer said during this time of COVID-19 contradiction, investors should identify which stocks stand out from the rest.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Cramer yesterday about how to pick stocks that will go higher, Ford unveils the new Bronco, and Peacock joins streaming wars.

How to Pick the Right Stocks

Cramer has loved picking stocks since he was very young. It started in the fourth grade with the business section in the newspaper, the guidance from his father Ken, and a game by 3M Company. This love grew into a career investing from Goldman Sachs to his own hedge fund to to becoming the most recognizable face of finance as the host of Mad Money.

Cramer created Action Alerts PLUS to help others pick stocks smarter and grow long term wealth. Action Alerts PLUS is having its monthly call with Cramer today and he will be sharing how he picks certain stocks over others.

Ford Stock: Buy or Sell?

Ford reported a drop in sales when it reported in early July. The decline that the automotive company saw in its reported financials was smaller than many of its U.S. peers. Ford is faced with the potential of shutting down plants if engines from Mexico. With the unveiling of the Bronco, does Ford have the momentum to continue moving higher?

Cramer thinks Ford needs to raise more money to move higher and shares what's ahead for the automotive company.

Peacock Enters Streaming Wars

Peacock is entering the streaming wars with a change from its original plans. The Summer Olympics were supposed to be the marquee event to launch Peacock along with all of its popular sitcoms. Cramer still believes Peacock has some tricks up its sleeve to compete with Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and the other streaming services out in the market.

Can shows like SNL make Peacock competitive with the established players in the field? Cramer discusses why it might be enough.