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Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Is It Time to Sell?

Jim Cramer shares stock market news including when to sell stocks in this market volatility, Dell making smart moves, and the latest Facebook boycott.

The Dow ended down 700 points, the Nasdaq ended its winning streak yesterday and the S&P 500 was also done after the steady climb of coronavirus cases across several U.S. states. Dow futures traded lower this morning, while global stocks were falling and the dollar bounced higher.

On Mad Money, Jim Cramer spoke about the spiking cases of COVID-19, run-ups for stay-at-home stocks, froth, gold, and even Joe Biden. Biden has advocated for higher corporate taxes which will be bad for corporations and stocks.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Cramer yesterday about when to sell stocks in this market volatility, Dell making smart moves, and the latest Facebook boycott.

Is It Time to Sell Ahead of Looming Volatility?

The rising cases across several U.S. states have investors worried if we could potentially test the lows from March. Cramer spoke about trimming stocks on Mad Money but how much cash should investors be in ahead of another potential selloff? While there are stocks that will be affected more, buying opportunities will arise if stocks fall including stocks like Microsoft.

Listen to what Cramer suggests investors do with stocks they're invested in.

Dell Is Making a Smart Move

Shares of Dell and VMware were rising after the report that Dell plans to spin off VMware. The Wall Street Journal says Dell is looking at ways to optimize its $55 billion stake in the cloud computing group VMware. Is the move Dell and VMware are making a smart one in the long run?

Cramer discusses why he thinks this move by Dell is a smart one.

Boycotting Facebook May Not Hurt

Facebook is once again in hot water as companies and users are boycotting the social media giant after their dysfunctional handling of misinformation campaigns and hate speech on their platform. Companies are refusing to run ads on Facebook until Mark Zuckerberg makes an effort to address the hate and misinformation running rampant on its platform.

Although we've been down this road before, Facebook always comes back and that's why Cramer doesn't think this latest boycott will affect its bottom line.