Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Be Careful Buying Stocks

Jim Cramer shares stock market news including buying Regeneron stock for cheap, avoiding airline stocks and being cautious buying too many stocks.

Stocks in the Dow Jones, S&P 500, and the Nasdaq were all up big yesterday with the Dow finishing the day up over 500 points. With the U.S. making more progress towards opening the economy and more companies making positive progress on vaccine development, investors are feeling more confident about buying stocks. On Mad Money, Jim Cramer looked at the rally and asks, will this turn out to be a V-shaped recession and recovery after all?

TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Cramer yesterday about Regeneron being the coronavirus vaccine stock to buy over Merck, avoiding airline stocks for now and being careful picking which stocks to buy during the coronavirus pandemic.

Buy Regeneron Stock Now Instead of Merck

Is now the best time to buy Regeneron  (REGN) - Get Report stock after it fell almost 25 points yesterday? Yesterday, Sanofi announced it was selling its long-standing stake in Regeneron and sent the stock down 4%. Sanofi is going to focus its efforts on cancer treatment drugs.

Cramer has a strong recommendation for Regeneron after the stock fell yesterday.

Don't Buy Airline Stocks

Are you looking for other stocks to buy at a discount? You might want to look in a different sector than the airline industry. Airline stocks were soaring almost 16% yesterday after it was announced that they would start easing restrictions on flights. Will that be enough of a catalyst to get frequent flyers back in the air?

Cramer is not convinced and shared his thoughts on buying airline stocks now.

Be Careful Picking Stocks

The worst part of the coronavirus pandemic and our time in quarantine has been the unknown. While picking stocks has also ventured into the territory of the unknown, combining the two might be something to avoid until we start getting more clarity.

What advice does Cramer give investors who are looking to buy stocks now? Watch his recommendation on buying stocks during the pandemic before earnings.

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