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Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: GameStop, PayPal and Robinhood

Jim Cramer shares stock-market news including the upcoming GameStop hearing, a reaction to PayPal's investor day and the latest issues with Robinhood.

Stocks in the Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq are moving higher Monday as vaccine distribution improves. The price of Bitcoin hit new highs Monday before falling back down.

TheStreet reviewed this past week's performance for cannabis stocks, the action we saw in SPACS including a new one formed by Alex Rodriguez and the stocks that fell this week that present buy-the-dip opportunities for investors.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross and Cramer are talking about the upcoming GameStop hearing, PayPal and Robinhood.

GameStop: Buy Or Sell?

The Justice Department’s fraud section and the San Francisco U.S. attorney’s office will investigate whether market manipulation or other types of misconduct led to the surge of heavily shorted stocks like GameStop  (GME)  this week, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Cramer said he would like to know about the customer protection mechanisms put in place by Robinhood in the upcoming GameStop hearings.

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PayPal: Buy Or Sell?

PayPal  (PYPL)  shares have soared 54% over the past six months as e-commerce has exploded during the pandemic. PayPal received a positive response after its investor day this past week.

Cramer said PayPal wants to do what is right for the customer. "He [Dan Schulman, President, and CEO, PayPal] cares about trust, ethos, faith, and mission. He has trust."


Cramer said Robinhood didn't even disclose earlier that they were paying for order flow. "They were getting the money from the pay-per-order flow. In other words, not only credit balances, they were making more from money from the clearing, to be able to sell you your order to fast money people. That's not good. I like transparency."

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