Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Pfizer News Brings Caution

Jim Cramer shares stock market news including FedEx price target moving higher, Apple's new 5G iPhone, and trading Pfizer shares after positive vaccine news.

The Dow finished the day down while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq both finished the day higher. The Nasdaq closed at a record after the positive news from the vaccine Pfizer is developing. 

On Mad Money, Jim Cramer talked about how new COVID-19 cases are exploding and politicians are paralyzed. Despite those negative factors, both blue-chip and speculative stocks are still soaring.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Cramer yesterday about FedEx price target moving higher, Apple's new 5G iPhone, and trading Pfizer shares after positive vaccine news.

FedEx Is Going Higher

FedEx shares were surging after promising earnings reported U.S. ground shipments were rising since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. TheStreet showed investors two key levels to watch before the FedEx earnings report. The positive news and numbers form FedEx shows that the e-commerce industry is thriving as more people are staying at home and ordering items online. 

Cramer talks about how much higher FedEx shares can go after their strong earnings this week.

Apple's New 5G iPhone

Apple has seen delays in the production of its new 5G iPhone due to the restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic and expects fewer shipments of phones. Apple has been pushing suppliers to reduce the delay of these phones by one to two months.

Cramer knows that everyone is going to want the 5G phone when it's released, so the suppliers may be working overtime to produce these phones for a while.

Pfizer Stock: Buy or Sell?

Pfizer shares were rising higher after positive news from its vaccine in clinical trials. The report from the human trials said that it is showing a 'strong immune response' in individuals who are taking the drug. The vaccine that Pfizer is producing is sending positive hope amongst investors as it sent Dow futures higher.

Cramer doesn't want you to be foolish trading Pfizer though. It's good to be hopeful but don't get carried away with the positive news.