Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Disney Shares Face Trouble

Jim Cramer shares stock market news including Disney facing turmoil ahead, Goldman Sachs earnings report, and buying PepsiCo shares after earnings.

The Dow finished the day up 10 points after each index started falling mid-afternoon. The S&P 500 had a moment when it was positive for the year but that was before stocks began falling in the afternoon. An uncertain earnings season is the fear of investors and the Dow Tuesday down as we start to see banks' earnings roll in.

On Mad Money, Jim Cramer said this is the week when we see how COVID-19 is impacting the world of stocks and company profits.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Cramer yesterday about Disney facing turmoil ahead, Goldman Sachs earnings report, and buying PepsiCo shares after earnings.

Disney Stock: Buy or Sell?

Disney  (DIS) - Get Report opened its parks in Orlando this past week to mixed reviews as positive coronavirus cases are rising in Florida. Disney has already decided to close Disneyland Hong Kong after positive coronavirus cases. 

Goldman Sachs initiated a buy rating with Disney this week with a $137 price target because they believe Disney+ has the strength to carry the company during uncertainty. Is Disney+ going to be able to carry Walt Disney Co. through any further coronavirus turmoil as it continues to rival Netflix?

Cramer talks about upcoming issues Disney faces in 2020.

Goldman Sachs Stock: Buy or Sell?

Banks' earnings are this week and Cramer will be watching to see what this means for the rest of the markets as they report. Goldman Sachs  (GS) - Get Report was one of the top earnings selected this week in TheStreet's earnings to watch along with today's JPMorgan report.

Why is Goldman Sachs going to be the bank's stock to watch this week for Cramer? Watch the video to find out.

PepsiCo Stock: Buy or Sell?

PepsiCo  (PEP) - Get Report is one of the few companies that are best prepared for the coronavirus pandemic. The food and snack industry is booming as more U.S, citizens are eating and snacking at home. We saw how well the snacks are performing when PepsiCo beat earnings yesterday.

Cramer discusses why investors should buy Pepsi after earnings.