Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Buy Amazon Before Earnings

Jim Cramer shares stock market news before the opening bell including if you should buy Amazon stock, Target earnings report and the latest jobless claims.

The stock market yesterday had mixed results with the Dow Jones ending the day slightly up, while the S&P 500 and Nasdaq ended the day down a few points after oil made a comeback and Jim Cramer spoke about forgetting index funds on Mad Money.

Cramer spoke with TheStreet's Katherine Ross yesterday about the breaking news in the stock market for StreetLightning. Also, as a bonus to our readers, get highlights from Cramer's premium service Real Money including yesterday's column about the stock market is divided into three buckets.

Amazon: Buy or Sell?

Amazon reports earnings soon and the stock is now at its all-time high. Should you wait for the stock to potentially fall or is Amazon stock a buy? We asked Cramer how he felt about Amazon before earnings and he wasn't afraid to share how he felt about the stock.

Target: Buy or Sell?

Target reported mixed earnings this week but the stock went down. Is it an opportunity to buy the dip? Cramer believed there was a missed opportunity on the call and thought the stock should be up yesterday. 

If Target is seeing "Cyber Monday-like" sales online, should the stock have been down almost 3%? Listen to what Cramer would do with the stock today.

Jobless Claims

Jobless claims added another 4.4 million to the growing amount of unemployed Americans as it reached over 26 million in total today since the coronavirus pandemic started. How should we react to the jobless claims we see each week?

Cramer believes we need to remove the fear from these weekly reports. Hear what else is needed and how we should react to them each week.

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