Morning Bell With Jim Cramer: Sell Walt Disney Stock?

Jim Cramer shares stock market news including what to watch on Walt Disney earnings today, Warren Buffet, and the travel industry and Trump against China.

The stock market made a comeback late in the day on the strength of tech stocks. The Dow Jones was down earlier in the day because of fears of the rising tensions between the U.S. and China after Trump's comments about the origin of the coronavirus. Jim Cramer pondered on Mad Money whether investors are ignoring the weakest players in the stock market.

TheStreet's Katherine Ross spoke with Cramer yesterday about the breaking news in the stock market for StreetLightning including whether it's time to start selling in this market. Also, as a bonus to our readers, here are highlights from Cramer's premium service Real Money including his column on whether to sell index funds and focus on four stocks.

Walt Disney Stock: Buy or Sell?

Walt Disney  (DIS) - Get Report has seen some of its main sources of revenue be wiped out from the coronavirus pandemic and investors are starting to wonder what will the company look like when the quarantine is lifted. Will consumers start rushing to the Disney Parks and will theaters be packed on opening weekend? 

Disney will be relying on the strength of Disney+ during its earnings to make up some of the revenue lost. Cramer weighs in on what the iconic brand will do to recover from the quarantine.

Future of the Travel Industry

The travel industry is feeling one of the worst impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. From the airline sector to the rest of the hospitality industry, the quarantine because of COVID-19 is sending ripple effects across the market. Warren Buffett announced that he exited his positions in the airline sector at his call this past weekend. 

There were several things on Buffett's call that troubled Cramer. Tune in to see what Cramer thinks about the future of the travel industry after the coronavirus.

President Trump vs. China

The stock market was reacting negatively to the tension rising between the U.S and China earlier in the day as Trump mentioned there will be repercussions for China as they disputed the origins of the coronavirus. Trump also talked about how fast we can develop a vaccine but Cramer says a six-month timetable seems unlikely.

Should investors pay attention to the comments made by Trump towards China or will this tension work itself out?

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