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Monday's Daily Blog Watch

Digging into Lundin Mining.

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so volatile these days, it's worth checking out

IBD's Top Ranking Medical Stocks


247 Wall St. thinks

Lundin Mining


is an

overlooked company in the metals craze



System Trades of the Day

includes trades triggering this morning on



in our 3x2 system, and

Kaiser Aluminum

(KALU) - Get Kaiser Aluminum Corporation Report

as one of our

stocks rising on unusual volume

breakout trades.

Biohealth Investor comments on the

Dendreon Conference Call


If you want to avoid getting strip-searched at airports,

check out this book


The social network of choice for

my two kids


A screen for all stocks that fit

Warren Buffett mentor Ben Graham's deep-value strategy


Roger Ehrenberg, formerly of Wall Street, and now the founder of dot-com Monitor110, has some thoughts about

building a "Culture of Money"

in your start-up.

The Stockmasters thinks



TheStreet Recommends

is going to get turned around by

the Smart car


Through the fly on the wall, we can check out

United Online (UNTD)


Value Investing World gives a

Cryptologic-al (CRYP) update


If a stock is on the cover of a major magazine, we all know that's bad news. This Stockpickr member is now

keeping track of all the magazine covers

. If you check out that portfolio, scroll on the right hand column to see the "hate list," including recent cover model,



The Microcap Speculator gives a nice rundown of whether or not it's time to dive into

the coffee stocks, including Starbucks (SBUX) - Get Starbucks Corporation Report


I'm doing some research for my next book,

The Forever Portfolio

. I posted a question on Stockpickr Answers,

"What do we know about 30 years from now (and the investments this can motivate)?".

The responses were:

"We know:

- demand for energy will continue to increase and will be higher 30 years from now than now.

- demand for clean water will increase, but the supply of clean water will stay roughly the same.

- the number of people with obesity issues will increase.

- the number of people who are susceptible to Parkinson's and Alzheimer's will


- the number of people retired will be higher.

- the number of men with erectile dysfunction issues will be higher.

- the number of food products labeled "organic" will probably be higher.

- significantly more goods will be sold on the Internet than now.

What else?"

(Click the above link to view and respond to the rest of the answers and make my research for this book easier.)

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