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Mint Money Like Lone Star Capital

Here are some ideas to piggyback the private equity firm.

Updated from 6:59 a.m. EDT

Contrarian investments that disregard the short-term noise in the market and the widespread bearish bias often yield uncommon returns over time.

Whether or not this means you should consider plays such as

Biogen Idec




(ELN) or some of the financials such as




Washington Mutual



Lehman Brothers


is up to debate.

But what isn't up to debate is that Lone Star Capital has a history of bucking the trend and proving the naysayers wrong.


Merrill Lynch


said it was selling a portfolio of collateralized debt obligations, or CDOs, with an original face value of $30.6 billion, to the Dallas-based private equity firm Lone Star Capital for $6.7 billion. But who is Lone Star Capital, and why the heck is it buying this toxic paper?

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