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MindKit Reads Your Mind

This device is controlled by your thoughts, and was a hot find at the CTIA International Association for Wireless Technology show.

San Francisco -- While walking the tradeshow floor, Gadget Grrl came across a few new things.The first is a headset deemed, "wearable" technology. This device has an extension that rests on the user's forehead. It captures and amplifies brainwave EEG and transfers that information via USB orBluetooth to a controlling device -- for example a PC, mobile phone or game.

Next, if you like music (or media) but don't have time to search through endless sites for tracks you might enjoy, check out this new site, Seeqpod. It is a fantastic way to get a playlist of tracks from your favorite artist, or it can even provide you with tracks that you might like if you like an artist but not all the tunes on the CD.

Now more about the gadget that gets into your head.

MindKit SDK

I saw the demo of a user wearing the headset and using his mind to make moves on a game called, "Math Trainer." The user was able to get the cursor to move and make selections, just by thinking of the action. Neurosky has created a number of products using the bio-signal information, and plans to partner with OEM/ODM customers to bring these types of products to market.

What I like about this site is that you are receiving playlists -- literally, you are playing a list.It can be a short list or long, but you are not downloading these clips onto your hard drive and there is no fee to play these clips.

It's sort of like creating your own personal radio station every day. Or you could set the mood in your office or home by grabbing lists that might appeal to whatever crowd you're hosting.

There are also playlists for videos, podcasts, concerts, lectures, interactive media -- all playable on your desktop for free.

At CTIA, they were introducing, "A Windows Mobile Smartphone application; SeeqPod Mobile Discovery Technology ¿ solution via Bluetooth to devices, including a



Boom box, a car stereo and home stereo; and the SeeqPod consumer Web property."

From what I've seen, this is a must-have tool for any media freak.

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Site to see:

You Got Photo

If you've never used or signed up with a photo-sharing site, this one is pretty basic and something even your grandmother should be able to maneuver. In beta, this site offers free (for now) service. It allows users to manage their digital photo frame content. If you've got a digital photo frame that is WiFi, you can drag and drop your photos on to this site and share the contents with friends, family, etc.

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