We aren't out of the woods yet.

Here's a hot tip (a depressing one at that) to discuss while floating around in the pool on Sunday some two drinks in. Third quarters in the second year of a presidential cycle (like now) have often stunk, points out LPL Financial. From 1896 to 2017, the average return on the Dow Jones Industrial Average in third quarters of a second year of a presidential cycle has been negative 0.5%. Only the second quarter of an election year has posted worse average returns, says LPL Financial. 

"Buckle up, as the calendar isn't doing anyone any favors over the next few months," LPL Financial senior market strategist Ryan Detrick cautions. Considering how stocks have been reacting to trade war headlines, Detrick's data runs the risk of getting skewed pretty badly to the downside this quarter. Just keeping it real.

On a more inspiring note, TheStreet's newsroom is crushing it this weekend with numerous pieces. In the latest "Dumbest Thing on Wall Street", Kinsey Grant and Taylor Nicole Rogers question the Nvidia (NVDA) haters. Nvdia shares, their sources say, have fallen in 11 of the last 16 sessions for no real reason. Buy, buy buy.

Tech columnist Eric Jhonsa has found an untapped goldmine at Facebook (FB) . Facebook rival Twitter (TWTR) is enjoying a fairly remarkable turnaround under founder Jack Dorsey, writes tech reporter Annie Gaus.

Days away from sharing whether it achieved its Model 3 production goal for the quarter, Katherine Ross talks with a Tesla (TSLA) investor who thinks the stock could reach $4,000. Insert "LOL" here. And look for oil to be in focus on Monday following Trump's demand to Saudi Arabia that it hike output by 2 million barrels, says Martin Baccardax

Your Financial Future 

Planning to work on your finances by the pool? Be sure to check out these helpful reads from TheStreet.

Rogers talks with several experts to learn how you can successfully take a mini-retirement. This piece isn't for you 2018 college graduate, get to work.

Guest contributor Brian Parker of EP Wealth Advisors lays out why parents must have the "money conversation" with their kids as early as possible. Hey, as my dad constantly told me: money doesn't grow on trees (or put into today's terms, money doesn't grow inside a digital wallet).

Chida Khatua, co-founder and CEO of EquBot, discusses how artificial intelligence is likely to change the investing process. Khatua's firm is behind the first AI-powered ETF and the first international equity-focused AI powered ETF. 

Kelly LaVigne of Allianz Life says market volatility is here to stay, and one has to plan their portfolio accordingly. 

Be Inspired 

Former Yum! Brands (YUM) CEO David Novak is one of the most legendary leaders in American business. He is a breast cancer survivor, a people motivator and someone still trying to change the world in his retirement. Novak's op-ed for TheStreet this weekend on leadership is one all leaders, and aspiring leaders, should read and share.

Meanwhile, the CEOs of Republic Services (RSG) and Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH) -- very much two self-made executives -- share tips on how the youth of today could someday make it into the C-suite.