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McDonald's Won't Open Dining Rooms in Texas and Mississippi

McDonald's says it won't open its dining rooms in Texas and Mississippi. The two states this week said they were rescinding their mask mandates.
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McDonald's  (MCD)  said the fast-food giant was not opening dining rooms in Texas and Mississippi or changing its COVID-19 protocols right now. 

The Chicago company isn't making any changes to its mask policy but it is monitoring COVID metrics to decide whether to reopen or close its restaurants as appropriate, a spokesperson told TheStreet.

The governors of Mississippi and Texas this week lifted mask mandates in their states in an effort to jumpstart their economies amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Earlier this week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said he would end the statewide mask mandate starting next week and would allow all businesses to operate at full capacity. 

Abbott said he was rescinding "most of the earlier executive orders" he has issued over the past year to combat the virus. 

Starting March 10, all businesses will have zero coronavirus restrictions and will be allowed to open 100%. The new directive also includes sports, concerts and similar events. 

Texas will become the most populous state in the country to not have a mask mandate. More than 30 states currently have one in place. 

Meanwhile, Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves also said he's lifting all state-imposed mask mandates. "The governor's office is getting out of the business of telling people what they can and cannot do," he said.

Mississippi's executive order, which went into effect March 3, replaces mask mandates and business restrictions with nonbinding recommendations that the state continue to follow guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The governor attributed his decision to declining COVID hospitalizations in his state as well as the rollout of new vaccines. 

At last check McDonald's shares were off 0.8% at $204.19.