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McDonald's Newest Menu Item Looks Legendary (a Really Big Mac)

Only true warriors will dine on this.

While eating fast food is something all of us (okay, maybe more like most of us) do from time to time when we just don't have the energy to get home from work and cook a meal, it's not something we put a lot of thought into when we do it.  

Mostly, we just drive through, grab our favorite burger or burrito, eat it on the way home and get on with our latest Netflix binge. Right?

But every once in a while, a fast food company manages to debut something new that's so epic it seems less like a quick meal option and more like an event you'd be crazy to miss out on. Popeyes'  (QSR) - Get Free Report Chicken Sandwich, of course, is an ideal example of this. 

While it's not always easy for fast food brands to execute this strategy, pulling it off gains a customer's respect. Just look at Taco Bell's  (YUM) - Get Free Report fervent social media fan club.

And while most fans of McDonald's look to it for long time classics like the Quarter Pounder and the Big Mac, it seems like it might be the latest to successfully execute this strategy in the most honorable of ways.

McDonald's Samurai Triple Burger Lead JS

What is McDonald's Newest Burger?

McDonald's has announced a brand new version of a popular burger sold at its locations in Japan, and it's possibly the most legendary one yet.

Called the Triple Samurai Mac, this burger features three 100% all-beef patties. Those are topped with three slices of cheddar cheese and crispy sliced onions and finished off with a soy-flavored teriyaki sauce that McDonald's promises will enhance the umami flavors of the beef. Yum!

This new sandwich, which is a part of the Samurai Mac line that is regularly available in single and double varieties, will only be available for two weeks starting on April 5 at participating locations. 

It'll cost you 640 yen ($5.21 U.S.) for the sandwich alone, or 940 yen ($7.65 U.S.) if you want to add in a side and a drink. Although considering the size of the burger itself, if you went for it alone, no one could fault you for it.

If you'd rather stick with the single or double burger, those are available at any time of the day and are not a part of the limited promotion. But if you want the Triple Samurai Mac, round up your fellow soldiers and hustle on over there before it vanishes from the menu.

While McDonald's already has some pretty over-the-top promotions floating around for the Samurai Burger line, such as a mild-mannered office worker driven by his hunger to transform into a samurai and slice his coworker's monitor in half (pretty extra move, dude), its promotion for the Triple Samurai burger is basically a full-on movie production.

It stars award-winning television and film actor Masato Sakai and is, well, pretty intense to say the least. But does it make the Triple Samurai Burger's debut seem like a big event? You bet.

Speaking of events, McDonald's is also hosting a promotion via its Twitter account to give away 100 gift cards worth $10 each (for the purchase of future Samurai burgers, naturally). 

In order to enter, followers can reply using the hashtag #DreamSamuraiMac. But you can only use the gift card at Japanese McDonald's locations, so be mindful of that if you decide to enter from elsewhere.