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McDonald's Japan Reportedly Rationing Fries Due to Supply Chain Crunch

McDonald’s Japan says rationing will start on December 24 and is expected to end on December 30.
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Nobody's lovin' it.

The ongoing supply chain crisis has hit Ronald McDonald right smack in his big red nose as McDonald's Holdings Co. Japan has reportedly resorted to rationing french fries.

Even the Hamburglar wouldn't sink that low.

Don't Supersize Me

The company will only be able to offer the smallest serving of french fries at its 2,900 outlets, the Financial Times reported.

McDonald’s said the fries rationing will start on December 24 and is expected to end on December 30. 

The company said it hopes that supply issues will be resolved by New Year’s Eve.

The hamburger honcho cited flooding at a port in Vancouver, Canada, and the coronavirus pandemic.

But fear not. An emergency plan to ensure “continuous supply of french fries to customers” has been introduced, according to a company spokesman.

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Medium and large servings will be cut and customers would be offered a small discount on meal prices, he said.

The spokesman added that deliveries of fries by airfreight had started to arrive in Japan.

Mercifully, supplies of hash browns, which appear on the breakfast menu, appear unaffected by the delivery disruption.

KFC Is a Christmas Tradition in Japan

The shortage comes during the festive period which is traditionally dominated by rival KFC.

Japanese consumers have ordered KFC chicken on Christmas for nearly half a century after an ad campaign successfully linked the fast-food chain to the holiday.

 KFC operates a family bucket pre-booking system to ensure that it meets the December 25 rush.

In response, McDonald's is running a seasonal campaign centered on a bargaining serving of chicken nuggets.

In an unfortunate case of bad timing, the advertisement shows a family enjoying the nuggets and the largest serving of french fries.

The U.S.-based McDonald's (MCD) - Get McDonald's Corporation Report parent company owns roughly 35% of McDonald's Holdings Co. (Japan) Ltd., according to Nikkei Asia.