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McDonald's Fans Push for Return of Classic Menu Items

McDonald's has been teasing its customers by asking for feedback on which menu items it should bring back. More people want Fish McBites and McPizza than you would think.

McDonald's  (MCD) - Get McDonald's Corporation Report unleashed a social-media floodgate when it asked Twitter followers which menu items from the past it should bring back

That simple two-word Tweet "bring back ____" has garnered nearly 9,000 retweets, more than 46,000 quote retweets, and 122,500 likes.

That's a massive response and the winners were sort of obvious. People seem to genuinely miss the fast-food giant's Snack Wraps, McSalad Shakers, and the BTS Meal (which is probably more fans of the band lobbying than fans of the actual meal).

But in addition to the items that garnered huge support, a number of long-forgotten favorites (and not-so-favorites) came up repeatedly. And while some have to be taken as jokes (does anyone really want McPizza back?) others seem to have a following, which may make them candidates for a big return.

McDonald's has not said it would use the results of an informal Twitter poll to make menu choices. But the company clearly understands how to leverage its audience's interest in bringing items back to do exactly that -- with a big public relations boost.

That's why it selectively brings back the McRib and why the chain put its famous Szechuan sauce back on the menu (very briefly) earlier this year.

McDonald's Samurai Triple Burger Lead JS

McDonald's Has a Lot of Forgotten Menu Items

A lot of people did call for the chain to bring back its short-lived McPizza. (Many of them probably had never actually tasted that item, which can still be found on some McDonald's menus around the world.

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Many were also calling for a sister product to the Filet O' Fish, which was discontinued in 2013. Fish McBites were meant to be a portable take on the popular fish sandwich for people who observe Lent and needed to eat on the go. That was clearly too niche an audience as the McBites lasted less than a year.

One of the most popular requests in the Twitter thread was asking for breakfast hours to be extended or a return of all-day breakfast. 

The chain has not been willing to do that because franchise owners have complained, but McDonald's might be able to keep people happy by bringing back an apparently-not forgotten breakfast sandwich, the Steak Bagel.

Who wants steak from McDonald's? Apparently a lot of people, as this was a frequently cited favorite.

Some people (though not nearly as many) lobbied for the return of one sandwich that's clearly not helped by its picture.

Many Happy McReturns?

Nostalgia drives customers and it can bring in multiple generations. Fans of Fish McBites would likely not only return to try them but also try to get their kids to sample an item they remember fondly.

It makes sense for McDonald's to look to its past to see what classic (and not-so-classic) menu items it should bring back. 

Few chains have the deep history McDonald's does. And while many of these products were forgotten for good reason, some might delight a new generation while bringing lapsed older customers back for a taste of their past.

And while not every past favorite can make a return, a lot of people want to keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool with a McDLT comeback.