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Massive Stockpickr Guide to Cramer, Part IV

These are the portfolios based on some of Jim Cramer's June picks.
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Each week at Stockpickr, we try to point out certain portfolios or interesting market views offered by Jim Cramer. Regardless of the market movement, he always suggests a strategy designed to help us all make smart investment decisions -- and with any hope, lots of money.

With summer now officially under way, we'd like to offer Cramer's different picks and the corresponding Stockpickr portfolios they've inspired. With that, we present some highlights from over the past few months. These Stockpickr portfolios were compiled from the picks Cramer offered up on his "Mad Money" TV show, his "Stop Trading!" segment on


and his


blog posts.

In this fourth segment, we'll look at the Cramer-based portfolios from June. Be sure to check out our highlights from







From the Week of June 4, 2007

Cramer's Fab Four of Tech

: On the June 6 "Mad Money" show, Cramer announced there are four new "horsemen of tech" that investors can bank on to drive this market. These stocks -- which include


(GOOG) - Get Report



(AAPL) - Get Report

-- replace the four "retired horsemen" of tech:


(INTC) - Get Report



(DELL) - Get Report



(MSFT) - Get Report



(CSCO) - Get Report

-- as the stocks that can be owned and traded during dull summer days.

Cramer's Must-Own Oil Stocks

: Big moves in oil stocks had Cramer reiterating his bullish stance on the sector. "This move has everything to do with a radical shift at a couple of mutual funds that recognize that you simply can't not own a group that has massive visibility and the ability to endlessly raise dividends and buy back stock ... I am a huge believer in this move," he said. Cramer believes

these oil stocks

-- among them


(XOM) - Get Report



(COP) - Get Report

-- "are cheap and they are hardly value traps."

Cramer's Big-Cap Brokers

: With the appetite for subprime lending where it is, as evidenced by

Accredited Home Lenders'

(LEND) - Get Report

sale to Lone Star, Cramer believes we should again start thinking about the brokers, many of which "have been severely punished because of their association with just the type of business that Lone Star just bought."

Cramer's Big-Cap Brokers





Cramer's Seven Stocks to Buy Lower

: On June 5, Cramer couldn't believe what he was seeing. The market was heading south and he had to point out that there were seven names you had to buy lower that session if you could. "They keep giving you opportunity after opportunity. I know, seems inconceivable. But it's empirical," he said.

Cramer's Seven Stocks to Buy Lower

, a list that includes


(WMT) - Get Report

, may be worth revisiting if they're still near those buying levels.

Cramer's Stocks to Buy in This Setback

: On the market pullback June 6, Cramer said he "would buy, into this selloff, the stocks that are just being upgraded or the stocks that are buying back stock and have high yields." What to buy?

Cramer's Stocks to Buy in This Setback

may still be hovering near those levels. They include


(CI) - Get Report


From the Week of June 11, 2007

Cramer's Stock Buys

: Cramer pointed out earlier in this week that "any dip will feel buyable. I look at the various stocks and their strikes and I just don't see a 100-point down move." Included in

Cramer's Stock Buys



(CAT) - Get Report



(T) - Get Report


Cramer's Five Market Outliers

: There are certain days that Cramer looks for outliers, and June 11 was one of those days. There were few names that were not keeping up, he said, and he'd buy any of these

Five Market Outliers

"with the expectation that there's more upside than down here." It may be worthwhile to revisit these names, which include


(BA) - Get Report


Toyota Motor

(TM) - Get Report


Cramer's Three Speculative Stocks

: On June 14, Cramer felt obligated to reiterate that "speculation should be a part of your daily investing regimen." To stay interested and involved with your investing, he suggests having fun by speculating with as much as 20% of your portfolio. With that he revisited his

Three Speculative Stocks

, which include

Level 3



Cramer's Two Stocks for This Market

: On June 13, Cramer pointed out that this particular market environment brought two names to mind that he would buy right now. His

Two Stocks for This Market

features a financial and a tech play.

Cramer's China Pullback Plays

: Cramer has always been wary of Chinese stocks, but for those intent on investing there, he offered how to play China "so they do it right" on his June 13 "Mad Money" show.

Cramer's China Pullback Plays

offers both the stable, reliable variety and the risky, exciting and speculative names, including


(CEO) - Get Report



(SSW) - Get Report


Cramer's Wild Bull Ag Plays

: Cramer reminded us on June 14 how important it is to "invest where the bulls are." And it has "never been more obvious than in this agricultural trade that I keep pointing toward. His

Wild Bull Ag Plays



(DE) - Get Report





From the Week of June 18, 2007

Cramer's Fed-Induced Boost Stocks

: Cramer believes that talk of the Fed easing interest rates will propel the market higher. The

Fed-Induced Boost Stocks

he offered June 19 include


(C) - Get Report


Cramer's Fab Four of Tech

: Cramer revisited his Fab Four of Tech on June 20, saying they are as strong as ever and have now reached "must-own status."

Cramer's Seven Anointed Stocks

: Cramer loves to point out his seven anointed stocks and ask: "Is there a price they won't pay for them? I am talking about the anointed stocks, the ones that won't quit. These stocks are flat on down days and up big on up days." His

Seven Anointed Stocks



(MA) - Get Report


Cramer's Four Go-To Tech Hardware Plays

: Cramer noted June 21 that "you can see where the tech rally springs from:


(INTC) - Get Report

. It has reasserted itself as a bellwether of old tech and its resurgence has created a bid under the SOX." With that, he gave his go-to names in tech hardware that he believes are investible now.

Cramer's Undervalued Minerals

: Cramer believes there is an undervalued minerals trend right now. And on June 18 he gave us his

Undervalued Minerals Plays

, which include


(AA) - Get Report


Cramer's Three Confused Short Opportunities

: Cramer believes there are situations where the investors shorting, or betting against a stock, have been consistently wrong for quite some time. Among the stocks on the

Confused Shorts

list is



, of which Cramer said, "Here's a company that has routinely blown out numbers, yet the shorts have been tenacious opponents of the stock."

Cramer's Broker Buyback Plays

: In light of the pullback in brokerage stocks, Cramer asked on June 21: "Did you ever notice that these firms have monster buybacks and they take so much stock in at good prices? Did you ever see the cost bases where they get this stuff in? Do you know how they do it? They take advantage of moments like this and stand there and buy." His

Broker Buyback Plays


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