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Massive Stockpickr Guide to Cramer, Part II

These are the portfolios based on some of Cramer's April picks.
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Each week at Stockpickr, we try to point out certain portfolios or interesting market views offered by Jim Cramer. Regardless of the market movement, he always suggests a strategy designed to help us all make smart investment decisions -- and with any hope, lots of money.

With summer now officially under way, we'd like to offer Cramer's different picks and the corresponding Stockpickr portfolios they've inspired. With that, we present some highlights from over the past few months. These Stockpickr portfolios were compiled from the picks Cramer offered up on his "Mad Money" TV show, his "Stop Trading!" segment on


and his


blog posts.

In this second segment, we'll offer Cramer-based portfolios from April. Be sure to check out

highlights from March

and check back for the portfolios we gleaned from his commentary in May and June.

From the Week of April 2, 2007

Cramer's Iran Awry Portfolio

: This past week, Jim thought it was important to focus on the best investment ideas to protect ourselves given the recent geopolitical tensions with Iran. So, Cramer presented his

Iran Awry Portfolio

on Monday's "Mad Money" TV show. His recommendations consisted of a mix of defense, oil, gold and cash plays including

Abbott Labs

(ABT) - Get Report


Cramer's Housing Plays

: Cramer broke down the housing market this past week and gave us

two names

that he deems "winners" if housing rises or falls. He added that he likes "this group on any lift because it has been pounded."

Cramer's CEOs

: This past week, Jim continued to add CEOs to his Benefit of the Doubt list, a portfolio of company CEOs who Cramer feels can now be trusted in terms of running their businesses effectively and hitting their numbers. One of the new CEOs is Julian Day from




Cramer's Nickel Plays

: While Jim was hosting a "Back to School" show at Indiana University, he mentioned that he is currently a big fan of nickel miners and he gave us his

top picks

in the sector. Cramer said growth overseas -- particularly in China -- will give nickel miners like

Companhia Vale do Rio Doce

(RIO) - Get Report

a major boost in the coming weeks and months.

Cramer's Random Picks

: On a "Stop Trading!" segment this week, Jim offered us insight into a number of different plays he liked for a variety of reasons. These

Random Picks

include several stocks in different sectors including


(HAL) - Get Report

-- a stock Cramer owns for his

Action Alerts PLUS

charitable trust -- and

Under Armour

(UA) - Get Report


From the Week of April 9, 2007

Cramer continued talking about activist funds this week and how they have changed the landscape when it comes to investing in stocks. The money is too big, he said. The first fund he mentioned was

Third Point

and the "work" it's doing regarding

PDL BioPharma

(PDLI) - Get Report

. He also mentioned how just a small stake (1%) from a behemoth fund like

Relational Investors

has the folks at

Sprint Nextel

(S) - Get Report

very aware. You can expect some agitation soon.

Cramer's "Horse Racing" Stocks

: This past week, Cramer came out with his

"Horse Racing" Stocks

, three stocks that were trading near $10 that could have some quick upside. These three stocks are speculative and that is why Cramer called them "horse racing" stocks. He believes these following three could run from $10 to $12:




Brocade Communications






Cramer's Natural Gas Plays

: Cramer broke down the natural gas market earlier this week and pointed out that the "creep up in the group makes it clear that things are getting better." Cramer offered us these

Natural Gas Plays

because he believes that natural gas, which has been weak as it relates to the overall energy market, is definitely on the upswing. His picks include

Chesapeake Energy

(CHK) - Get Report

and Halliburton.

Cramer's "Next Dendreon" Candidates

: On "Mad Money" this week, Jim said it was time for traders to move on from



. He believes the stock ultimately will settle in the $10 to $12 range. But it did make a nice up move and ruined some short-sellers' years. Thus, he thought he should give us his

"Next Dendreon" Candidates

, which he feels could have similar spikes in share price.

Cramer's Potential Biotech Plays

: As we all know, Cramer has been down on the tech sector for some time. But with recent positive news from some biotech names, he pointed out that it was "entirely possible that the hot money goes out of tech and into biotech, which has the added advantage of not having nearly as high a multiple as tech, especially given the shrinkage of the P/Es that biotech has undergone."

While Cramer pointed out that he is not a big fan of the market right now, he did say the money will go somewhere and these

Biotech Stocks

could be the place. They include





(CELG) - Get Report


Cramer's Buyout Candidates

: On "Stop Trading!" segments this week, Jim offered two additional stocks he thinks could ultimately be in play for a variety of reasons. Cramer has mentioned other cheap, cash-rich companies that are buyout candidates in recent weeks as well. These

Buyout Candidates

include several different stocks in different sectors including

Dow Chemical

(DOW) - Get Report


Charter Communications

(CHTR) - Get Report


Cramer's Homebuilder Pans

: Cramer mentioned earlier this week that there is a foot race "going on between the collapse of housing and the


. With interest rates beginning to spike, you are going to get some real pressure on mortgage rates to go higher ... Therefore, it is really bad for the balance sheets of the homebuilders." Cramer believes there is some serious pain ahead for these

Homebuilder Pans

, among them

DR Horton

(DHI) - Get Report


Pulte Homes

(PHM) - Get Report


Cramer's Cable Company Plays

: On the April 13 "Mad Money" show, Cramer told us he loves the cable companies and believes they could be in for a long-lived rally. He said the key is that they could double in valuations per subscriber from five years ago. He gave us his

Top Three Cable Company Plays

, which includes

Time Warner



Cramer's Stealthy Uranium Plays

: On the April 13 "Mad Money," Cramer mentioned that uranium has gone through the roof. "Because of the nuclear power build out, the price of uranium has skyrocketed." He offered us his

Stealthy Uranium Plays

that we can speculate on in the sector. He says that these are "the best way to profit off high uranium prices at this moment if you can take the heat of speculation that comes from two fertilizer companies with a lot of phosphate." He said investors should consider these plays soon before Wall Street starts to price in the uranium factor. The plays include


(MOS) - Get Report


From the Week of April 16, 2007

Cramer's Green Day Stocks

: On the April 16 "Mad Money" show, Cramer pointed out that "we tend not to think of the U.S. Supreme Court as a way to make money and that's usually right." However, on April 2, a Supreme Court decision regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has turned this whole theory around. Thus, he thought he should give us his

Green Day Stocks

because he feels that the move toward clean energy will result in investors making money top to bottom in the entire alternative energy section. His picks include

Foster Wheeler



Shaw Group



Cramer's Oil Service Plays

: As we all know, Jim has been waiting for a big deal to happen in the oil service patch. Despite the rig count going up big, we still haven't seen that deal to date. But that didn't stop Jim from giving us his

Oil Service Plays

because as he pointed out this week, "natural gas is high and oil's not going down." Some of the names Cramer is watching include


(NBR) - Get Report

and Halliburton.

Cramer's Buyout Candidates

: Cramer continued to talk about buyout candidates this week. On his "Mad Money" show on April 17, Cramer talked about potential takeover candidates including


(MNST) - Get Report

. Cramer has mentioned other cheap, cash-rich companies that are buyout candidates in recent weeks as well.

Cramer's Aristocratic Plays

: On the April 11 "Mad Money," Cramer mentioned that he liked another portfolio on Stockpickr called

Dividend Aristocrats

. "Owning stocks that consistently improve their dividend allow you to earn more and more money for no reason," said Cramer, who pointed out that in terms of speculation, these weren't highfliers but will definitely help an investor in a tough economy. Some of his picks here:

Automatic Data Processing

(ADP) - Get Report


W.W. Grainger

(GWW) - Get Report


Cramer's Paper Tigers

: Cramer came out this week praising the financial stocks. As he pointed out, "the re-evaluation of the financials continues. What's behind it this time? Sometimes what you have to do is look at the clients of these firms, the real clients. That's the giant funds that are on the buy side." Cramer pointed out that these funds have a voracious appetite for product or paper.

Thus, he concluded, "these

Paper Tigers

are all going much, much higher. They can generate the paper with private equity or with the collapse of the established players in mortgage broking. They can mark it all up big. And they are selling at 10 times earnings. They include


(JPM) - Get Report


Merrill Lynch



From the Week of April 23, 2007

Cramer's Private-Equity Plays

: On the April 23 "Mad Money" show, Cramer pointed out that private-equity firms are making "crate loads of money." So Cramer figured it was time other people got in on the action. He said the goal was for investors to figure out what the private-equity folks are going to buy tomorrow. With that goal in mind, along with some help from a Goldman Sachs report on private-equity targets, he gave us his

Private-Equity Plays

. His picks include




Darden Restaurants

(DRI) - Get Report


Cramer's Bullish Plays

: On the April 24 "Mad Money" show, Cramer came out swinging with the DJIA over 13,000, calling for a "1,000 point rally" by summer's end. He thinks this is a conservative forecast and retail has not even been in the market yet. He went back to one of his favorite themes, pointing out that buybacks are eating up supply and killing shorts in the process. Making that kind of call certainly meant that Cramer was going to give us some names so we could ride with the bulls and he didn't disappoint as he mentioned his

Top Bullish Plays

for us to follow.

Jim also went back to two recent investment themes in recommending how to join this market move by saying we could jump on his

Green Day Plays

or his

Benefit of the Doubt Plays


Cramer's Steel Plays

: Cramer pointed out this week that "we are witnessing a miraculous revaluation of the steel stocks, one that is, quite frankly, breathtaking in its breadth." The reasoning is threefold: takeovers, demand from China and low valuations, said Cramer, who gave us his

Favorite Steel Plays

, including

Reliance Steel

(RS) - Get Report


U.S. Steel

(X) - Get Report


Cramer's Rail Plays

: Cramer informed us that the four big rails are "flush with cash" on his April 24 "Mad Money" show and said they are going to be buying a lot of equipment. He pointed out that the Railway Tie Association expects that 21 million railroad ties will be sold this year -- a lot more than usual. And low supply and high demand means higher prices. Among his picks for riding this trend is include

Trinity Industries

(TRN) - Get Report


Cramer's New Management Plays

: On the April 25 "Mad Money" show, Cramer told us that "every so often a new CEO comes into a company and makes an immediate difference." It's rarer when this happens with a "behemoth," and rarer still when it happens to two behemoths at once. As a result, Cramer told us to buy these

New Management Plays


Cramer's Grocery Chains

: Cramer has always liked attending conferences because there was a chance he would stumble into a story about a good company he didn't know beforehand. A few weeks ago he went to the Bank of America conference to speak and stumbled into the



presentation. He hadn't looked at it for years and came away liking it. "We tend not to think there's that much growth in this sleepy industry. That's wrong." Thus, he concluded by disclosing his

Favorite Grocery Chain Plays

, among them


(KR) - Get Report


Cramer's Defense Plays

: On April 27, Cramer informed us that he is bullish on defense-related stocks again. "These companies seem to trade in a very strange pattern: They deliver great numbers, raise guidance and then start retreating when everyone thinks the numbers can't be sustained and the Democrats will bust up the party." Cramer believes the earnings are so consistent that anyone concerned about a Democratic slowdown is off base. Cramer's

Defense Plays


Lockheed Martin

(LMT) - Get Report


General Dynamics

(GD) - Get Report


Cramer's Revalued Plays

: Of the recent upward move in big-caps, Cramer said, "These moves are all about the newfound problem of the pools of capital being too big vs. the stocks themselves. ... Only the hedge funds are flipping and that's why you can't dent these guys right now." Cramer's

Revalued Plays

, which include


(AMZN) - Get Report



(IBM) - Get Report

, are the best places to be right now."

Cramer's Private-Equity Plays

: On the April 27 "Mad Money" show, Cramer told viewers that the next stock to get taken out by private-equity money and pay a big premium to its shareholders might very well be

Penn National Gaming

(PENN) - Get Report

. Cramer believes that there is way too much money on the private-equity sidelines for investors


to figure out what the private-equity folks are thinking of buying next. With that in mind along with some help from a Goldman Sachs report on private-equity targets, he recently added to his

Private-Equity Plays

, which include

Cheesecake Factory

(CAKE) - Get Report



(ROST) - Get Report


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