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Martha Stewart Launches Series of Thanksgiving-Related NFTs

The home lifestyle entrepreneur is auctioning off an audio recording NFT of her looking back at some early Thanksgiving memories.

Martha Stewart fans will get a chance to own the digital imprint of some of her most iconic Thanksgiving moments.

After venturing into the world of NFTs earlier this fall, the home lifestyle entrepreneur is releasing more than 100 photos of Thanksgiving photo shoots from "Martha Stewart Living" over the years. 

Listed for $100 each on, each photo captures a classic Thanksgiving symbol: the leftovers sandwich and a cornucopia full of bright fruit.

Stewart is also auctioning off a "Storytelling NFT" recording in which she reads the story of her first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner — the humorous article about her failures was what started off the "Remembering" column in  her magazine in 1994. 

The NFT will also come with a signed digital cover of that issue.

"It was nostalgic for me to re-read my first 'Remembering' article from nearly 30 years ago," Stewart said in a press release. "I enjoyed recounting and recording the story of that first Thanksgiving in my own home, burned turkey and all."

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NFTs are now a popular way to assert ownership over a piece of online content. While initially used mostly for art and video, they are now becoming more frequent in music and recording spaces as a way to own the only copy of a recording.

Stewart partnered with Tokns Commerce, Inc. The company works to turn content made by artists into NFTs and has already worked Stewart for a Halloween NFT series back in October.

"After selling out her first Halloween NFT collection, Martha has doubled down on the quantity of NFTs while ratcheting up the creativity with this breakthrough 'Storytelling NFT' format," CEO Jamie Tedford said in a statement.