Those looking for a good model on how to live a fulfilling retirement should check out racing great Mario Andretti

Andretti, 78, retired from racing in 1994, and he has done anything but stay in bed and watch old races on Netflix (NFLX) - Get Report . The legend of the tracks runs gas stations along the West Coast, has a vineyard and maintains a very active schedule. 

TheStreet talked with Andretti from his Pennsylvania estate about his retirement lifestyle. What follows is a condensed and edited version of our conversation.

TheStreet: Are you even retired? Before I came here, I went to YouTube, I saw you driving around a track on cars, seemingly going very fast. What are you up to?

Mario Andretti: Well, my plate's pretty full, and that's by design. I'm going to, obviously, as long as I can walk I'm going to be active in something. We have businesses obviously, we have partners, I'm in a partnership with my kids, in many ways and cultivated some businesses. Especially when I come out of the cockpit where I had more of a time to even, you know, give it personal attention. I've had relationships with companies like Firestone for instance that I've been with basically as a test driver since 1964. I have more seniority there than five or six CEOs that have been there since.

But it's been a fabulous ride, you know, with companies like that, where we just matured right through the years, the decades and we're still there representing the product with pride.

And you know, MagnaFlow another company that I've had a longstanding relationship, family-owned business, which has grown tremendously. We have our own businesses, I have a racing experience with racing cars, it's almost like a school but it's not, it's an experience based in Charlotte. We have a winery in Napa Valley. We have a petroleum business along the West Coast.

TheStreet: So you're pretty active.

Mario Andretti: Yeah, and again you know between my commitments with companies such as, you know the travel that is necessary for promotions, then I want to be as hands-on as possible with the daily activities in our companies. All of the captains that we have in charge they keep us up to speed on everything. If there are some events, any decisions need to be made, we have telephone conferences every other day. 

TheStreet: So you're hands-on.

Mario Andretti: Yeah, we're hands-on. I like to be hands-on.

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