Many People May Wait Weeks or Months for Coronavirus Relief Payments

Trump administration estimates say direct-deposit relief payments could take weeks and paper checks may take five months, according to a media report.
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The first Americans to receive government relief under the coronavirus legislation signed into law last month won’t see direct-deposit payments until at least the week of April 13, NBC reported, and it could take five months for all the paper checks to go out.

The estimates from the Trump administration were provided to House Democrats and outlined in a memo circulated by the House Ways and Means Committee this week.

NBC News obtained a copy of the memo, which states that Americans who have their direct-deposit information on file will receive their payments in mid-April, "likely" the week of April 13. The document estimates that 60 million Americans will receive checks at that point.

The Internal Revenue Services will start issuing paper checks about three weeks after the deposits go out, likely the week of May 4. The office that issues paper checks can process about five million checks a week, NBC said, so it could take 20 weeks – nearly five months – to get them all out.

The office will process paper checks for the lowest-income Americans first. The memo also said people on Social Security won’t have to do anything to receive their payments – the rebate will be sent to them just as their Social Security checks are.

The House and Senate last month passed a $2 trillion stimulus plan, the largest economic rescue package in U.S. history.

The legislation would give American adults direct payments of $1,200, with an additional $500 per child. The direct payment drops for those who made over $75,000 in 2019 and won't be made to those who earned over $99,000.