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LOS ANGELES -- Gadget Grrl says photos often linger for years on digital cameras, PDA's or otherdevices because users don't have the time or the right programs to work with their digital images.


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Lightroom 2.0 is a great way to manage your photos without getting bogged downwith unnecessary features that don't apply to your workload.

Next, there are plenty of digital cameras on the market but depending on your needs, all models might not fit. If you are shopping for a good camera with high resolution, check out the Canon PowerShot G9. This model features 12.1 MP (megapixels) and a 6x optical zoom lens.

Adobe Lightroom 2.0
$299/$99 upgrade

When it comes to managing photos, what I like about the new 2.0 is that it adapts to the way you work with your photosinstead of making you fit some sort of photo managing mold.

You can import large groups of digital photos and easily compare and sort with the filtering tools.

You can select a specific area on a photo to make enhancements without changing theentire photo. And the 2.0 lets you transfer images to social networking sites -- a greatway for sales teams to stay current on work projects.

Canon PowerShot G9

What I like about this camera is the resolution on still, and video is crystal clear, down to the veins on a maple leaf in a tree. There are no fuzzy areas, and the colors are extra sharp. And the sharpness is still prevalent in areas with low lighting.

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The 3" LCD screen is large enough to set up and shoot on-the-fly and you can also see itwhen shooting in bright sunlight.

If you are shooting company photos, there is a great feature that allows you to shoot panorama views that can be stitched together. You shoot one half of the shot and then line up the other half to create the panoramic view.

While this isn't the kind of digital camera you can pull out of your shirt pocket, if you need super, sharp shots, the G9 is tough to beat.

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