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LOS ANGELES -- Gadget Grrl gets out the outlets and lets in the light with these two low-tech goodies. Business travelers will want to swap their stiff power strip for this compact alternative that will easily fit into a laptop case. Also, this wind-up mini flashlight lets you crank it up a notch as you travel off the beaten path.

Outlets to Go

Every mobile executive will tell you that no matter how modern the hotel, there are never enough outlets where you need them -- on the desktop. You could pack a power strip, but the cord is usually so stiff and unweildy that it's not worth packing.So, here is a compact alternative that will fit easily into your laptop case.

The reason it fits is that it's got a flat wrap cord, and the outlets are on the front and back of the strip instead of side by side. It also prevents overloads with a resettable circuit breaker.

It comes with six outlets, which should accommodate most business travelers. My only complaint on this one would be that the price should be under $20.

Crank LED Mini-Flashlight

A small flashlight can be useful, especially if you don't have to worry about lugging around extra batteries. Eco-travelers and business travelers alike might like this device. With this model, all you have to do is crank the handle to produce light.

Unlike some wind-up devices, the handle on this model can be cranked in either direction. About one minute of turning the handle delivers 10 minutes of light. The handle tucks neatly away when not in use. This device would also come in handy when traveling to locations that are off the beaten track.

Site to see:

Airport Monitor

You won't find all the airports listed here, but the ones that are listed can be a real help while traveling. Some of the airport links are better than others. LAX is especially good with an aerial map and small, green planes departing and small, black planes arriving.

Watching this site is almost like seeing a LAX video game. Plus, it's got tons of real-time info to keep you up to date and better able to plan your trip.

Diana Forbes is a Los Angeles-based writer and media personality. Her "Gadget Grrl" reviews appear in various national print and online publications, and she demonstrates consumer products on national and local television shows. Click

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