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Luxembourg First European Country to Legalize Cannabis

Luxembourgers will be able to grow up to four cannabis plants in their homes.

Luxembourg became the first European country to legalize the growth and use of cannabis by adults over age 18 Friday.

Luxembourgers will be be able to grow up to four plants in their homes or gardens in the small European country that has roughly the population of Washington D.C. 

“We want to start by allowing people to grow it at home. The idea is that a consumer is not in an illegal situation if he consumes cannabis and that we don’t support the whole illegal chain from production to transportation to selling where there is a lot of misery attached," said justice minister Sam Tamson, according to the Guardian. 

They will also be allowed to trade seeds without any limit to the quantity or levels of THC in the seeds. 

Luxembourg will still prohibit the use of cannabis in public as well as the trade of non-seed cannabis products, whether free of charge or in return for payment. 

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The consumption and transport of a quantity of up to three grams is now considered a misdemeanor instead of a criminal offense as it was previously. 

Luxembourg is working on a state-regulated production and distribution network in order to ensure a threshold for product quality. 

The country will use the sales "primarily in prevention, education and healthcare in the broad field of addiction," sources told the Guardian. 

Uruguay was the world's first country to legalize cannabis in 2013 after creating a legal national marketplace. Canada became the second country to legalize the drug in 2018. 

There are also 17 U.S. states with legalized cannabis and another dozen or so where the drug is decriminalized.