Casualties were seen being treated on London's Westminster Bridge Wednesday amid scenes of chaos as members of the emergency services rushed to seal off access to the area around Britain's Houses of Parliament following what British police are calling a terrorist incident.

Uncertain as to exactly what was taking place, confused onlookers were pushed back away from the bridge by heavily armed members of London's Metropolitan Police, who were on-edge following reports of at least two attacks by unknown assailants, Street correspondents witnessed. 

Members of the public were seen lying on the floor while others emerged from Westminster Bridge, ducking under a hastily erected cordon, visibly shaken by the incident as they made their way across one of London's landmark bridges that crosses the river Thames. 

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They had been caught up in the immediate aftermath of an attack that has claimed an as-yet unknown number of victims, some of which are reported to have been mown down by a car, while others are reported to have been attacked by an assailant armed with a knife. 

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