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Today, TheStreet covers the action at Pebble Beach, with minute-by-minute coverage of the final round of The U.S. Open, including shot-by-shot coverage of Tiger Woods.



) -- Welcome to the best day of the year -- that's right, I said it. The best day of the year.

Yes, birthdays and holidays and anniversaries are all well and good, but the final round of the U.S. Open is also, by tradition, Father's Day. Which means today is the day that men the world over are legally allowed to bellow, "Don't bother me! I'm watching the U.S. Open!" And get away with it.

In other words: your reward for being a great father all year is to get to be a terrible father for a day.

Above all that, there is the golf itself: The final round from arguably the country's greatest golf course, a final round in which Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Ernie Els are all within barking-seal-distance of two players -- Dustin Johnson and Graeme Mcdowell -- who have never even sniffed the leaderboard of one of golf's majors.

Oh, and then there's some French guy who's going to shoot 79.

So sit right back, cordon off your couch with a phalanx of security guards and refuse to acknowledge the existence of any other human beings -- just like Tiger! I'll be here, offering analysis, insight, bad puns, inappropriate sexting references, and strained references to the financial markets until the final, bouncy putt has dropped.

So let's begin!

-- Written by Ty Wenger from New York

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