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Today, TheStreet covers the action at Pebble Beach, with minute-by-minute coverage of the third round of The U.S. Open, including shot-by-shot coverage of Tiger Woods.



) -- Welcome to Day Three of the U.S. Open from Pebble Beach. And a good day for golf it is. The markets are closed. Tony Hayward has gone back to whatever evil lair it is that he inhabits. And, at least for this weekend, you can try to pretend that you don't actually own 20,000 shares of




(No, really ... the company's going to be

just ... fine.


No, today is all about the third round of the U.S. Open from Pebble Beach -- and, judging by what we've seen so far this morning, today is going to be more fun that putting Hayward in a funking booth full of heavy drilling mud.

So kick up your feet, open a browser window to our live U.S. Open blog, and remind anyone who tries to get you to stop following this blog that "it's Father's Day tomorrow, dammit, can a man not get a moment of peace!" That ought to buy you an hour or so.

-- Written by Ty Wenger from New York

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