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Live Masters Blog: The Saturday Action at Augusta

Live Masters Blog: Follow Saturday''s third round of The Masters with TheStreet's minute-by-minute Master Blog -- including shot-by-shot coverage of the third round of Tiger Woods. Coverage will begin at noon.
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) -- Welcome back, golf fans ... or, should I say, the type of golf fan who would, upon seeing a "Live Masters Blog" link at, opt to click on that as opposed to, say, reading about he financial journalism that they presumably came to the site for.

Anyway, if that sounds like you (and apparently it is; you are, after all, reading this), then let's settle in for Saturday's action.

Today, as Jim Nantz will surely inform us in that creepy baritone of his, is "moving day" -- which is supposed to refer to the fact that this is the day in which golfers rise and fall on the leaderboard, setting themselves up for Sunday's final round. Recent Masters history would suggest today will be more of a battle of attrition, kind of like watching a few dozen log-rollers, all teetering on the same log, all trying to keep from falling into the water.

That water, of course, being the pond in front of the fifteenth green.

So settle back, wrap police tape around the couch, take the batteries from the remote control, and let's all enjoy was is arguably the fifth- to thirteenth-best day of the year.

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-- Written by Ty Wenger from New York

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