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Las Vegas' Newest Attraction Goes Down the Rabbit Hole

Immersive entertainment is alive and well in Las Vegas.

When it comes to spectacular entertainment, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better place to experience it than Las Vegas.

Known for its playground of casinos, decadent buffets, and jewel-encrusted performances, it's a perfect vacation spot for those looking to lose themselves in the neon lights and enjoy some indulgences.

Vegas is always changing, because despite how much it has on offer, like any other attraction, it has to stay fresh to keep attracting attention. This year alone, new 24-hour restaurant Bacon Nation will open its doors, performer Bruno Mars is opening a new venue inside the Bellagio, and the Oakland A's are in talks to potentially open a stadium adjacent to Circus Circus (and the hotel is also getting a $30 million revamp).

All those things are enough to encourage people to pay a visit, whether for the first time or just to revisit the city's offerings. But for fans of fairy tales and fantasy, now another new event is coming that will allow them to experience one of the most famous tea parties in the history of fiction.

Alice in Wonderland Lead JS

What's This New Event All About?

The upcoming event is called The Alice, and as you may have guessed by now, is a lavish recreation from Lewis Carroll's classic book "Alice in Wonderland." 

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Hosted by Hidden, an event service that hosts themed experiences in and outside of the U.S. in a total of 32 cities, The Alice is 90 minutes long and invites guests to "create two bespoke Wonderland cocktails, solve riddles and challenges just like Alice, devour an Eat Me cookie, paint the roses red, and much, much more!"

The Alice will be held at a "secret location," which will likely only be divulged to those who sign up to attend it. It is scheduled to start on Sept. 28 and run through Nov. 27. Tickets are $47 per person, and there are options to attend the regular version for adults, or to choose a family-friendly version of the event.

Hidden, which describes its experiences as "immersive theater meets escape room," hosts a long list of other events in the Vegas area as well. There's also a Wizards High Tea Party with a distinctly spooky vibe, a "Beauty and the Beast" cocktail experience based on the classic fairy tale, a custom sneaker art class, and many more options to choose from.

Vegas Loves Interactive Events

While shows have been a favorite form of entertainment for years in Vegas, interactive forms of entertainment such as escape rooms and themed events like The Alice have been on the rise.

In 2020, an entire district dedicated to immersive events called Area 15 launched in Vegas and has been a popular place to visit ever since. A joint project between Fisher Brothers and Beneville Studios, Area 15 has two permanent installations (Omega Mart and Lost Spirits) as well as a variety of other rotating attractions, including concerts, VR experiences based on Netflix  (NFLX) - Get Netflix Inc. Report shows, museums and more.

A 2021 report on immersive entertainment from AMS Analytics estimated the value of the industry at $9.7 billion, excluding theme parks.