Koss Investors Hear the Sound of a Short Squeeze

Koss shares doubled Tuesday on top of an 80% leap Monday. The headphone maker's stock benefited from a prominent short seller's tweet.
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Count headphone maker Koss  (KOSS) - Get Report as the latest entrant to the club of heavily shorted companies whose stocks have skyrocketed.

Koss recently doubled to $12.12, after skyrocketing 80% on Monday.

The trigger for all the short-covering: Andrew Left, managing partner of short seller Citron, said Friday that it was abandoning GameStop  (GME) - Get Report because of harassment from bulls.

On Tuesday, Koss benefited from a tweet written by the noted financial tweeter Andy Meade. “What short names will the Reddit Wall Street Bets army go after next? Here are the 3 stocks with short interest above 35% and a price below $10!  (AMC) - Get Report (CLVS) - Get Report, KOSS”

Symbol AMC is movie-theater operator AMC Entertainment. CLVS is the Boulder, Colo., biopharma Clovis Oncology, working on cancer treatments. 

Other stocks that have seen big-time short squeezes include Bed Bath & Beyond  (BBBY) - Get Report and BlackBerry  (BB) - Get Report.

Wall Street Bets and the GameStop Short Squeeze

Morningstar analyst Jaime Katz is skeptical about Bed Bath & Beyond. 

“We do not believe Bed Bath & Beyond has established an economic moat, given the brand's limited pricing power, nonexistent consumer switching costs, and lack of cost advantages,” she wrote in a commentary Monday.

The company "competes in largely commoditized retail categories with ample domestic brick-and-mortar and online rivals," she said.

["The] lack of moat remains evident in the historical frequency and size of couponing, which underscores a consistently promotional environment and the price sensitivity of the consumer base, which has easy access to pricing comparisons through use of smartphones and other handheld devices.”

Further, “the company’s investor day in October 2020 established a new road map to alleviate customer pain points and revamp profitability,” Katz said. “While we appreciate the firm’s willingness to evolve, the success of the plan remains to be seen.”

Katz pegs fair value for Bed Bath at $22. The shares recently traded little changed at $30.65.

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