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JPMorgan Chase

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CEO Jamie Dimon on Wednesday said the bank's efforts to prevent foreclosing on home loans, including those picked up in its recent acquisitions, go beyond the federal government's latest proposals.

Dimon said the primary difference between JPMorgan's plan and the one proposed by the government to renegotiate

delinquent loans

held by

Fannie Mae



Freddie Mac


is that the bank is attempting to get a hold of customers "before" they become delinquent.

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"We're a little worried about these programs that modify the mortgages after they are delinquent," Dimon said during a lunch presentation at the Merrill Lynch Banking & Financial Services Conference on Wednesday. "We think we are doing more than what was announced by

Fannie and Freddie Tuesday."

Two weeks ago, JPMorgan Chase further enhanced its modification program with a target of helping 650,000 households with $110 billion in mortgage debt. The program will include customers at

Washington Mutual



, a unit of the former

Bear Stearns


JPMorgan Chase acquired WaMu after regulators seized it in September. It bought Bear Stearns in another federally assisted deal this past spring.

Among the ways it plans to prevent foreclosures, JPMorgan Chase said it is "systematically reviewing" its entire mortgage portfolio to identify and reach out to at-risk borrowers before they become delinquent on their loans. The company plans to open 24 new regional centers and hire at least 300 additional loan counselors. It has also commenced a foreclosure moratorium while the program is being finalized, which is expected in the next 90 days.

The programs are designed for borrowers "who show a willingness to pay," the company said last week.

JPMorgan Chase, EMC and WaMu have already assisted 250,000 homeowners totaling $40 billion in loans to avoid foreclosure.