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Here's what Cramer's been talking about lately.
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Jim Cramer believes that the current action in the stock market has nothing to do with earnings or fundamentals. He thinks the action right now is all about a "Cold War" between shareholders, creditors and the federal government. Cramer says the financial stocks are in trouble because the Obama administration plans to enforce strict new rules for banks who want to borrow money from the TARP program.

He has explained that this new action by President-elect Obama's economic team is leading to a trend in the market where only the companies that are recession-proof are going up, because they don't need to access the TARP plan. Cramer thinks this is the reason the market is off to its worst start in history.

Despite this negative trend, Cramer is still finding plenty of plays long and short in the market. Recently, he found some opportunities in once-loved bargain stocks, stock plays for a panicked market and stock picks based off of technical analysis. Here are some Cramer highlights from over the past week as aggregated from his "Mad Money" TV show, the "Stop Trading!" segment on


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