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These are the stocks Jim Cramer's been talking about lately.
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Over this past week, Jim Cramer pointed out that there are bullish signs that even the bulls are missing.

He said one of the greatest things that can happen to any market is that earnings estimates stay low. The most important determinant out there for stocks is upward revisions, and Cramer believes we will see plenty of those. He also reminded us that small pullbacks create nice opportunities to buy in this market. And don't panic. History dictates that we should not panic in this market.

Here are some of the highlights from Jim over the past week (aggregated from "Mad Money," "Stop Trading!" and his



Cramer's Fed-Induced Boost Stocks

: Cramer noted this week that "Germany's back to up 25% for the year. The Chinese market is booming ... again. France, Germany and Sweden are up double digits. U.S. treasuries have had their best week in months. The selloff has strengthened the market and washed out the free riders and the weak hands. In other words ... this time the Fed is actually going to ease ... but don't expect an ease yet. But do expect talk of an ease, which will, indeed, propel this market higher." Cramer's Fed-Induced Boost Stocks include


(C) - Get Report


Goldman Sachs

(GS) - Get Report


Cramer's Fab Four of Tech

: Earlier in the week, Cramer had to point out that his Fab Four of Tech were as strong as ever. "Right back. That's what the horsemen do. ... These are the stocks that have captured the market's attention. When they get hit, the blows are glancing." He said they "are in charge" and are all "gigantic names that are so good they can't be competed with anymore." They have now reached "must-own status." Cramer's Fab Four is led by


(GOOG) - Get Report



(AAPL) - Get Report


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Cramer's 7 Anointed Stocks

: Cramer loves to point to his seven anointed stocks and ask: "Is there a price they won't pay for them? I am talking about the anointed stocks, the ones that won't quit. These stocks are flat on down days and up big on up days. We saw this kind of buying in the 1990s, but not in the last seven years." One of Cramer's 7 Anointed Stocks is


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Cramer's 4 Go-To Tech Hardware Plays

: Cramer noted yesterday that "you can see where the tech rally springs from:


(INTC) - Get Report

. It has reasserted itself as a bellwether of old tech and its resurgence has created a bid under the SOX." He then continued with his theme that there are real winners in tech hardware. These are go-to names and are investible now.


(IBM) - Get Report

stands with Intel as one of Cramer's 4 Go-To Tech Hardware Plays.

Cramer's Undervalued Minerals

: Cramer believes there is an undervalued minerals trend right now. He pointed out that "People just don't get China. I have been listening to the bears for a long time, and they are adamant for example that there's too much steel and too much copper in the world. That's like the argument I have heard for years that there is too much drilling capacity in the world for oil and too much mineral capacity in general." As a result, Cramer gave us his Undervalued Minerals Plays, which include


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Cramer's 3 Confused Short Opportunities

: Jim feels there are situations in which the Shorts have been consistently wrong for quite some time. He referenced a quote by Michael Comeau of the

Breakout Stocks

team: "My bullish stances were predicated on the fact that the shorts were 100% out of their minds." Cramer's 3 Confused Short Opportunities include



, which Cramer said "has routinely blown out numbers, yet the shorts have been tenacious opponents of the stock."

Cramer's Broker Buyback Plays

: In light of the pullback in brokerage stocks, Cramer asked us: "Did you ever notice that these firms have monster buybacks, and they take so much stock in at good prices? Did you ever see the cost bases where they get this stuff in? Do you know how they do it? They take advantage of moments like this and stand there and buy. Right into the media-spread selloff. Right into the rumors and the scary traders and the put bombers. That's what you do when you are savvy and know your business, particularly when your business is selling at less than 10 times earnings. These aren't homebuilders, you know." Cramer's Broker Buyback Plays include

Lehman Brothers



Bear Stearns



Lightning Round :

Cramer was full speed ahead last night with his latest

Lightning Round

. Among the many names he covered, he was bullish on

Texas Instruments

(TXN) - Get Report


Sears Holdings


and bearish on

Integrated Device Technology

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(SBUX) - Get Report


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