This past week, Jim Cramer warned all of us to "be bearish at your own risk." He saw that the selloff on Monday brought out the buyers, whereas just the week before it had brought the sellers. He senses that people are thinking this is their last chance to get in before the next run -- and they might be right.

He said that we should still be looking to get into his four horsemen of tech. Of course, he also gave us a few more places to look -- including a few Chinese plays!

Here are some of the highlights from Jim over the past week (aggregated from "Mad Money," "Stop Trading!" and his articles):

Cramer's Stock Buys

: Cramer pointed out earlier in the week that "any dip will feel buyable. I look at the various stocks and their strikes, and I just don't see a 100-point down move. Plus, amazingly, Wall Street has been awash with buy recommendations, the analysts taking a rare day off from slagging stocks I like."

Here are some of

Cramer's Stock Buys

, which include


(CAT) - Get Report



(T) - Get Report


Cramer's Fab Four of Tech

: On the June 6 Mad Money Show, Cramer announced there are four new "horsemen of tech" that investors can bank on to drive this market.

He reiterated this week that they are still the names on which to focus. "They are in charge" and are all "gigantic names that are so good they can't be competed with anymore."

Cramer's Fab Four of Tech



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Cramer's 5 Market Outliers

: This past week, Jim noted that there are certain days that he looks for outliers. Monday was one of those days. He saw that there were few names that were not keeping up, and he said he would buy any of these

5 Market Outliers

"with the expectation that there's more upside than down here." It might be worthwhile to revisit these names, which include


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Toyota Motor

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Cramer's 3 Speculative Stocks

: On Thursday, Cramer felt obligated to reiterate that "speculation should be a part of your daily investing regimen." He wants us to stay involved, and that means having fun and speculating with 20% of your portfolio. He then revisited his

3 Speculative Stocks

that he still believes work. He will not change his stance here because he has no reason to do so, he said. Everything that he was looking for has happened so he cautioned to stay the course when the fundamentals are working. This group includes

Level 3 Communications



Cramer's 2 Stocks for This Market

: On Wednesday, Jim said that this particular market environment brought two names to mind that he would buy right now.

Cramer's 2 Stocks for This Market

portfolio includes a financial play and a tech play. Take a look.

Cramer's China Pullback Plays

: On the June 13 "Mad Money" show, Cramer said, "No area has attracted more interest than China since the beginning of 'Mad Money.'" Jim has always made it known that he is not a fan of Chinese stocks because he doesn't trust the government.

However, because it is what the people want, Cramer thought he should tell investors how to play China "so they do it right." He then offered a double dose of Chinese stocks: the stable, reliable variety and the risky, exciting and speculative names.

Cramer's China Pullback Plays



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Cramer's Wild Bull Ag Plays

: Jim reminded us on Thursday how important it is to "invest where the bulls are." And, he said, it has "never been more obvious than in this agricultural trade that I keep pointing toward. When stocks are in bull-market mode, you can count on them to snap back harder than everything else. Jim's

Wild Bull Ag Plays



(DE) - Get Report





Lightning Round :

Cramer was full speed ahead last night with his latest

Lightning Round

. He was bullish on several stocks, such as


(MA) - Get Report


Time Warner


, but also bearish on the likes of




Mediacom Communications



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