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Here are the stocks Jim Cramer's been talking about lately.
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This past week, Jim Cramer was still all about this market move. He is fascinated by the lack of supply and what seem like endless opportunities. He never believes it is too late to be a part of this market. As he said yesterday, "This is no time to panic, just buy."

Jim never has any problem letting us know where we should be focused. Of course, he was all over the


meeting, but he also talked about defense, banking stocks, takeover targets and many more subjects. Here are some of the highlights from Jim over the past week (aggregated from "Mad Money," "Stop Trading!" and his articles):

Cramer's Takeover Targets

: On the May 7 "Mad Money" show, Cramer announced that he has "a new method for predicting takeovers: Stocks with the biggest buybacks also have a big chance of being taken over." Four out of the 14 companies that have bought back 17% or more of their shares over the last year have either been taken over or have agreed to be taken over in the last few months, he said. Even though four out of 14 might not sound like much, hitting a takeover target is like winning the lottery. Cramer said he bets the other 10 stocks on this list are great takeover targets, as well. He gave us his

Top 3 Takeover Targets

, one of which is

Weight Watchers

(WTW) - Get Report


Cramer's Top 12 Stocks

: On the May 10 "Mad Money" show, Cramer pointed out that there are 12 stocks in the driver's seat because hedge funds and mutual funds are pushing them upward on a daily basis. These dozen stocks are reaping the rewards from the new trends. Since the big boys own them, Cramer thinks we should own them also. He gave us these

Top 12 Stocks

, which include


(HON) - Get Report



(CAT) - Get Report


Cramer's Irresistible Tech Plays

: On May 9, Cramer pointed out that "people are looking to buy tech. Too much money is sloshing around looking for a home. Is


(IBM) - Get Report

the home? For Laura Conigliaro at Goldman Sachs, it is. She had to reverse course because IBM has too much money and is too driven -- suddenly -- to create shareholder value. Cramer has not been a huge fan of tech lately, but he can't ignore the facts. He said that "buyers are swarming. Cash is brimming. The group can't be resisted, even if it should be!" He then offered us his

Irresistible Tech Plays

. His picks include


(CSCO) - Get Report

, IBM and


(HPQ) - Get Report


Cramer's Drillers

: Cramer pointed out that "you can't keep these drillers down, and the reasons for the run vary from the shortage of oil for the international integrateds to the turn in natural gas prices. That's good news," Jim said. "There is a whole cohort of natural gas drillers that can move ever higher, and there's an equal thrust to own the


(SLB) - Get Report






(RIG) - Get Report

group." Cramer gave us his

top driller plays

, including

Nabors Industries

(NBR) - Get Report


Cramer's Armor Defense Plays

: Cramer said that "of all the areas where the analysts remain way too negative, the defense sector of the economy has to take the cake. The analysts simply refuse to believe that we won't wake up one day and say, 'That's it, no more war.' They act as if the Democrats would just as soon reduce our defense budget to that of Britain, or worse, Japan."

Jim does not think that is going to happen. He believes the Democrats, particularly Hillary Clinton, would never cut back spending and would actually increase spending on anything that protects soldiers.

In light of Armor Holdings getting acquired, Cramer asked the question: Who is next? Who else in the group is too cheap? Cramer then gave us his

Cheap Defense Plays

, which include

Alliant Techsystems



Cramer's Banker Stocks

: Jim has been a fan of this group for quite some time. He revisited them this past week and reminded us of what we should do when we see a big deal happen. He said you should first congratulate yourself on being long or not being short the target and then you should buy the stocks of the big investment banks because it means the quarters will be huge. Cramer believes the banks are the winners in this environment and that they are very logical plays.

Cramer's Banker Stocks



(GS) - Get Report


Bear Strearns



Cramer's Service Stock Plays

: "Hoax! That's how I feel about these ethanol plays. They are all deadly..." exclaimed Cramer earlier this week. He was disturbed that "the so-called best one,



, just blew it on earnings. He thinks it is time for investors to realize "that only the new 'oil service' companies are going to be the plays that make money." His

Service Stocks

are buyable on the pullback in VeraSun because they are levered to farm spending, which will be up huge thanks to the profits the farmers will have because of the high price of the commodities. His picks include




Deere & Company

(DE) - Get Report


Cramer's Go-To Stocks

: Cramer believes you can always "spot the resilient stocks on days like this (cool day), the stocks that some would say are propped up. I would say they just have very, very strong buy-side flow. I love resilience as a measure of a stock. If it can buck the power of the futures, it can run up when the futures switch direction."

Cramer asked us, "Which stocks have traditionally bucked the futures?" He then answered for us and gave us his

Go-To Stocks

, which include


(QCOM) - Get Report



(CI) - Get Report


Cramer's Eight Fed-Resistant Stocks

: It came as no surprise that Jim was all over the


meeting. On the day of the meeting, Cramer mentioned that "they can't get enough stock in. No matter what. They can't seem to find the sellers. Where are these shortages?" He then gave us his

Eight Fed-Resistant Stocks

. Cramer said that if the Fed meeting is bullish, these stocks, every one of them, should really take off. And if it is viewed as bearish, even momentarily, you just got your shopping list. His picks include


(AMZN) - Get Report



(CROX) - Get Report


Lightning Round:

Cramer was full speed ahead last night with his latest

Lightning Round

. He was bullish on several stocks, such as Crocs and

Chipotle Mexican Grill

(CMG) - Get Report

, but also bearish on the likes of

CKE Restaurants






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