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Jim Cramer Talks With Okta, Auth0 Execs

Shares of Okta have bounced since Auth0 acquisition's completion earlier this month.

In the days since Okta  (OKTA) - Get Free Report completed its acquisition of rival identity management company Auth0  earlier this month, shares have risen notably. 

Auth0, an identity management platform for app developers based in San Francisco, had competed with Okta. Okta provides security tools to authenticate users, such as password authorizations and accessing online networks.

Real Money's Bruce Kamich recently assessed the stock. "Prices have been making a pattern of higher lows and lower highs since February," Kamich noted. Such a pattern is typical of sideways trading as bulls and bears try to figure out where the stock is going next. 

So how is the reformulated company doing?

Todd McKinnon, chairman and CEO of Okta, and Eugenio Pace, CEO of Auth0, recently made a return appearance on "Mad Money" to give Jim Cramer an update.

McKinnon explained that there is no standard when it comes to identity services and Okta helps companies connect and integrate over 7,000 different applications into a single, secure solution. Pace added that Auth0 brings a developer focus to the Okta platform, giving developers all of the tools they need to build better, more secure applications.

Security is a difficult job, Pace said, but with Okta, companies don't have to worry about identity, they can focus on their business instead.

When asked how they help customers, McKinnon said that Okta lets companies like Moody's build better digital experiences for both their employees and their customers, keeping both sets of users secure while still building easy-to-use applications.

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