TheStreet's Jim Cramer answers viewer questions from social media, on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. First up, Cramer gave Starbucks (SBUX) - Get Report the thumbs up. "Seattle here we come," he said. "I think it is having an exceptional quarter, but the stock is already up 48 percent for the year. It is an Action Alerts Plus name. I am itching to buy more for the trust. Why? Because this is a multi-year flight path."

After naming the coffee company's mobile technology "best in show" Cramer added: "I have to tell you, I think Howard Shultz is money." The company received a buy; Zillow (ZG) - Get Report didn't get such a glowing review.

"I don't like Zillow, I didn't like the last quarter. I had to kind of come to grips with the fact that the fourth quarter is not going to be that good," Cramer explained, adding that he would need to see the next quarter before deciding whether the stock was investable. 

Next up were Fitbit (FIT) - Get Report and oil-field service provider Halliburton (HAL) - Get Report . "Well here's two different ones," Cramer told viewers. For Halliburton, success could be tied up in its merger status. "Can they merge with Baker Hughes?" was the big question on social media.

"If they can, its going to be terrific, but I have to tell you with oil at $40, no one's going to want these stocks," Cramer answered.

Fitbit's prospects are looking up for the holiday season, even though the wearable sector has had a disappointing run in recent months. "I do think it's going to be a Fitbit Christmas. I like the fact that its mostly a wearable that is also connected with health and wellness and that is a category I still like, even though Whole Foods has been bad, even though Hain has been bad," Cramer said, adding that he isn't giving up on the category.

Lastly, questions came in about Juniper (JNPR) - Get Report . "This is just a takeover name. Everyone always thinks that Juniper is going to get taken over. I don't play the takeover game," Cramer explained.  I'm not discouraging people from buying it because its not that expensive, but understand, you're buying because you think someone is going to buy them."

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At the time of publication, Jim Cramer's charitable trust Action Alerts PLUS held a position in SBUX.