Microsoft(MSFT) - Get Report will report earnings Thursday, so it's no surprise that Jim Cramer's viewers were asking his opinion about the company on social media Tuesday. Cramer says he expects Microsoft will report a decent quarter thanks to Windows 10, but he wishes the company would make an acquisition.

"I actually wish they would buy - Get Report in order to be able to get to that cloud growth, which we know from IBM(IBM) - Get Report is so key,'' said Cramer. Cramer said that $43 or $44 a share is a terrific price for Microsoft, but even at its current levels around $47, he thinks it can move up to $48 or $49.

Another stock soon to report earnings is Lending Tree(TREE) - Get Report . When asked about it, Cramer said when it comes to financials, he's a Wells Fargo(WFC) - Get Report guy.

Cramer was also asked about WhiteWave (WWAV) , which was downgraded to sell by Goldman Sachs. Cramer said he believes the analyst is looking at WhiteWave as in the same category as Whole Foods (WFM)   or Fresh Market (TFM) , neither of which is doing well. But Cramer said WhiteWave has a plant-based foods portfolio, which is what consumers want. He also thinks the company will be bought if the stock goes any lower.

Asked if Horizon Pharmaceuticals(HZNP) - Get Report is a buy, he responded that the company needs price increases of some magnitude, which won't work now in the current political environment, with Democrats are talking about pharmaceutical price gauging.  He noted that the same issue is impacting Valeant Pharmaceuticals (VRX) .

Cramer was also asked about Radius Health(RDUS) - Get Report . "Radius Health is a company that's just going to be trading on approvals," said Cramer. "The approvals are going to be good."

Another viewer wondered if Markel Insurance(MKL) - Get Report , a company with a lot in common with Berkshire Hathaway(BRK.A) - Get Report , will see its stock run like Warren Buffett's firm. Cramer suggested if you're interested in tracking Berkshire, buy Berkshire directly.

Asked if Weyerhaeuser(WY) - Get Report is a housing play, Cramer answered that it is, but he prefers Lennar(LEN) - Get Report and Toll Brothers(TOL) - Get Report .

Finally, Cramer was asked about Box(BOX) - Get Report , which is a company he says he thinks IBM should buy. Cramer also said IBM should have purchased Pure Storage(PSTG) - Get Report , adding "IBM is spending way too much money on the dividend and the buyback, and not nearly enough on the future."

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