It's all coming together for Caterpillar (CAT) - Get Report now -- except the Federal investigation -- and as I predicted, the buyers would not wait for its resolution, not with a plus 39% number for Asia Pacific. Not with North America clearly turning, before Trump even gets his way. Not with rates staying lower and the FXI (China) breaking out. Not with the Baltic Freight Index continuing to move higher.

It's very difficult to ever go against the doctrine of accounting "irregularities equals sell," but at the same time, you have to wonder whether the U.S. attorney involved with the investigation is even still in his or her job. You have to wonder if someone from the Commerce Department is talking to the President about how China has to do more for CAT.

This was always the problem with betting against CAT in a Trump administration. There is too much going for CAT, and there are too many shorts expecting that the government will do... well, what? Kick out the CEO? He's already been kicked. Give them a big tax bill? It can be reserved for and paid over time. Lose business overseas?

Are you kidding?

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So I remain a believer that institutions will buy this stock no matter what, and these numbers released this morning are the breakout numbers.

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