Jim Cramer Shares His Recent Investing Wins

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AMD  (AMD) - Get Report had such a monster quarter that if it weren't buying Xilinx,  (XLNX) - Get Report it would be at 100. That's why we bought more. It sounds crazy, but we should still be buying more Marvell Tech  (MRVL) - Get Report. It's as good as Skyworks,  (SWKS) - Get Report which is having another move. Maybe better because it's still relatively unrecognized. 

Broadcom  (AVGO) - Get Report just keeps plugging away, even as I don't even like some of the most recent acquisitions. I know I wasn't crazy about CA. What can I say? Why do we keep it? Because Hock Tan, the CEO, knows how to make money. And if he were running a worldwide widget company, I would probably buy that one, too. He even pays you a good dividend. He's a great steward. 

I'm stunned at the numbers Abbott  (ABT) - Get Report put up. But because we are now in a world where you can see through the pandemic, nobody is going to give them credit for what they are doing away from covid. And there that’s Libre. It’s amazing glucose monitoring. So I can't pound the table as much as I would like to. 

I am thrilled with how Starbucks  (SBUX) - Get Report is doing and [Chief Operating Officer Roz Brewer] already, she's amazing, but I think we're in the early innings of its next big win. It's a massive reopening trade story, not unlike, by the way, Chipotle  (CMG) - Get Report, which I had last night but we don't own. 

Honeywell  (HON) - Get Report put up the best industrial numbers. And I think that's important. Every time that stock comes down, it goes down typically because people worry about aerospace. 

In the financials, I'm proud. The two best, Goldman Sachs,  (GS) - Get Report which is revealing that the turmoil is its best friend. And JP Morgan,  (JPM) - Get Report which remains the best of the best, which is -- apropos the top of this show -- why are owning it, not selling it, even if it isn't big. I want to buy some back. You will probably see that. And of course, what can I say about Disney?  (DIS) - Get Report The moment we get to 50% vaccinated, the stock’s at $200.