Jenny Craig-Curves CEO Emphasizes Company's Personalized Services - TheStreet

The rise of mobile health outlets like Apple (AAPL) - Get Report Health and Fitbit (FIT) - Get Report  hasn't stopped Jenny Craig-Curves from focusing on a more personalized health and weight loss service.

"Technology is certainly a big trend in fitness and weight loss," said Monty Sharma, CEO of Jenny Craig-Curves, based in Carlsbad, Calif. "But studies have shown that after (the) initial engagement of about 30 days, there's a big falloff because you have to count, track and measure everything you do with those technologies." 

He said this process is too difficult for some and that's where Jenny Craig's service fills the gap, as there is no need to track or count what you eat.

"We've got a consultant that we pair you with who is responsible to get you to your weight loss goals and more importantly through that journey, they're changing your behaviors so that you have a healthier relationship with food." 

Sharma said the company's entire program is centered around that one-on-one consultation. "Yes, people are doing our program online, but it's always in conjunction with a human being because that's what really drives you to success," he added.

For Jenny Craig, the company is using 2016 to expand into the retail space, most notably incorporating products into Walmart (WMT) - Get Report stores. "There's a lot of consumers shopping at Walmart in the diet category and we are offering a starter kit at Walmart hoping that will give us visibility," he said.

The company is also relying on celebrities like actress Kirstie Alley, who lost 50 pounds using Jenny Craig and is featured in a new ad campaign that debuted on Jan. 1.

The start of the year is a time when many Americans resolve to lose weight and get into shape. In fact, almost 40% of respondents in a recent survey from GoBankingRates said losing weight was their 2016 resolution.