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JDS Swoons as Deal Faces Sharp Antitrust Scrutiny's DAILY BULLETIN

July 11, 2000

Market Data as of Close, 7/10/00:

o Dow Jones Industrial Average: 10,646.58 up 10.60, 0.10%

o Nasdaq Composite Index: 3,980.29 down 42.91, -1.07%

o S&P 500: 1,475.62 down 3.28, -0.22%

o TSC Internet: 784.02 down 23.09, -2.86%

o Russell 2000: 530.83 up 2.61, 0.49%

o 30-Year Treasury: 105 04/32 down 7/32, yield 5.876%

Companies in Today's Bulletin:

JDS Uniphase (JDSU:Nasdaq)

Conseco (CNC:NYSE)

Deutsche Telekom (DT:NYSE ADR)

VoiceStream (VSTR:Nasdaq)

Telecom: JDS Swoons as Deal Faces Sharp Antitrust Scrutiny

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