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<I>TSC's</I> Guide to Extended Trading Hours

After-hours trading is a thing of the present. Here's what you need to prepare for the night shift.
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Patti Smith and Michelob may disagree, but the night now belongs to traders.


wants to keep you up to speed on after-hours trading plans as they take shape. To facilitate that effort, we'll start compiling the articles we publish on extended trading on this page.

So check out our coverage -- and check back often for new stories.

Night Owl Update

SEC Offers Suggestions for After-Hours Trading

Reports designed to provide structure for longer trading days recommend high advertising standards, investor education.

The Night Is Young

Schwab Plans to Liven Up the After-Hours Trading Party

The Big Daddy of discounters will allow its customers to trade from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. EDT via the REDIbook ECN.

The After-Hours Club

Go Home Already! Your After-Hours Trading Need-to-Know List

A look at how the rules of the game change after the clock strikes 4.

A Little History

A Night Owl's Guide to After-Hours Trading: Update

Online brokers have brought after-hours trading from concept to reality while the large stock exchanges dragged their feet.

At a Brokerage Near You

A Night Owl's Guide to Trading Equities

Patience will be a virtue in the netherworld of extended trading hours as online brokers wait to see how it all pans out.