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Investment Advice on Risk Mitigation, Energy and Gold

Market uncertainty from coronavirus to the 2020 presidential election makes investment decisions difficult. Experts provide investment advice for 2020.

Coronavirus is creating uncertainty in the market and traders are looking at where they can invest their money. Are you looking to protect your money? Here are a few investing strategy tips from the trading experts Sponsored by CME Group.

Investing in Equities with Risk Mitigation

The market is in turmoil and traders are concerned about where they put their money while the world struggles to contain coronavirus. Jeff Kilburg, CEO of KKM Financial, and Scott Bauer, CEO of Prosper Trading Academy, discuss risk mitigation for equity and futures trading.

Kilburg suggested back in December that using a risk mitigation technique to invest in the E-mini Nasdaq-100 will protect your money. The market fall this year happened a little later than expected but 

Investing in Energy 

Is now a good time to be investing in energy while oil prices slump? Bob Iaccino, co-founder and chief market strategies at Path Trading Partners and Anthony Grisanti, president of GRZ Energy discuss how to profit from energy market trading strategies. 

Grisanti suggested in December that February will be a good time to buy while gasoline prices slump. Iaccino stated the need to be patient with crude oil before it starts to rise for summer.

Investing in Foreign Exchange and Metals:

Election year is upon us and the Democratic debates, primaries and caucuses present an opportunity for foreign exchange. Amelia Bourdeau, founder and CEO at Market Compass LLC, and Kathy Lien, managing director of FX Strategy.

Lien states "the Euro has actually declined in an election year nine out of the last eleven years." Lein also asks whether "Gold could continue to rise," despite being down this week. Bourdeau recommends using the Japanese yen as a safe haven if we encounter global uncertainty.

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