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How Wittenberg U.'s Portfolio Makes the Grade

How has the student-run WittInvest fund returned over 50% since 2000? Here's a look.
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How did your stock portfolio do over the last eight years?

In "

Wittenberg University's Wall Street Connection

," MainStreet goes behind the scenes of WittInvest, a student-run fund that has seen its portfolio's value grow by more 50%, since its inception in 2000.

So what are these college stock-pickers bullish on now? Here's a look.

From the MainStreet article:

WittInvest currently owns shares of

General Electric


and consumer goods company

Proctor & Gamble


. Why? The large international market was a major draw for investing in these two companies, says Dale Williams, 23, a four-year member of the club. "We believed they would continue to be successful even if the U.S. fell on tougher times," says Williams. Overall, large-cap companies are attractive because "students have a better awareness of these, and it stimulates more interest in their selection," says Lowell Stockstill, a Business Law professor at Wittenberg University, who advises the group.

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Read the full article on MainStreet.

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