There may be a solution for Wall Streeters tired of being bombarded with countless analysts' notes each morning.

Street Contxt is a start-up that enables buy-side clients to sift through research and figure out what content they should be reading.

"We're helping buy-side clients filter through the noise -- there's a deluge of content these days," said Blair Livingston, founder and CEO of Street Contxt.

Users tell Street Contxt what topics are important to them and the service scours Wall Street's research reports and commentary and looks for key words, tickers, asset classes, named entities like the Federal Reserve, among other factors, to recommend various content.

On the flip side, the service also helps those on the sell side figure out what research is resonating with clients.

"We're trying to help the sell side understand the impact of their content and what their clients are engaging with and using that information to give their clients a better experience," he said.

Blair said he has relationships with a number of Wall Street firms. "We charge the sell side and the buy side," Blair said, when asked about his business model, adding that the company charges users between $500 and $5,000 per year.

While Blair declined to say how many users Street Contxt has, he said he's focused on the institutional crowd and thinks the apex for users stands at around 400,000.

He said branching out among retail investors is also in the pipeline.

According to Blair, there's a significant ecosystem shift happening on Wall Street. "There's too much data now -- machines trade on data before your eyes can even register a headline," he added. "We're taking the next ecosystem shift to content and social."

He said it's not about what did IBM (IBM) - Get Report  make any more -- it's about what does it mean and who is the smartest person to talk to about it.