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Here's How to Play Inflation - FREE Webinar Preview

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After nearly three decades of low levels, inflation is taking center stage.  Increased spending, fed tapering talk, supply chain concerns, the pandemic, labor shortage, and so much more has investors watching closely.

Investors want to know "how can they protect their portfolios"  and "how do they profit during these times?"  Plus, "What role will the Fed play?", or "How does inflation hit my Social Security benefits?"  No matter the question, TheStreet has the answer.

WATCH: How to Play the Inflation Trade, a FREE webinar, hosted by Susan McGinnis. An all-star team, providing expert advice on inflation.

  • David Schassler, Portfolio Manager of the Inflation Allocation ETF, RAAX, at VanEck
  • Bob Lang, AAP Portfolio Co-Manager, Creator of ‘Explosive Options,' Hedge Fund and Options Trading Company
  • Nancy Davis, Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Quadratic Capital Management

Editor’s note. The webinar was recorded on October 28, 2021.

TheStreet is partnering with VanEck, the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange, trading in asset classes that include cryptocurrency, stock indexes, energy, agriculture, and so much more.

How To Play The Inflation Trade Lead

How to Play the Inflation Trade

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Learn from the experts, watch ‘How to Play the Inflation Trade' on TheStreet's Network and brought to you by our partners at VanEck.

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